Monitor problems - please help

  TEG79 14:11 02 Dec 2007

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently bought a Core 2 Duo Zoostorm PC, but I'm having trouble setting the monitor up. I'm a complete novice as far as PCs are concerned.

The Monitor is a X1910WDS amw LCD monitor.

Now, I've followed the set-up guide regarding the monitor, and connected the cable with the blue ends between the PC and monitor, as well as the sound cable (colour coded green), so the audio cable is in as well as the VGA. Obviously, the AC is attached as well.

However, when I switch the PC and monitor, all I get is a small display saying NO SIGNAL and the light on the monitor turns to amber.

Any ideas what I can do? It mentions something about a DVI connector (Dual Model only - no idea what that means), but I don't seem to have anything to connect it to the PC with.

  Ashrich 14:51 02 Dec 2007

If your monitor can do both DVI and VGA , there may be something on the monitor buttons to switch between the two , it would be one of the buttons on the front . I have a dual input LG monitor that can do the same .


  TonyM 14:53 02 Dec 2007

Check the manual , but there is probably one of the buttons on the monitor which changes the input from DVI to VGA...?

  SANTOS7 14:55 02 Dec 2007

could be set to digital rather than analogue i have an LG that does similar, has to set to analogue to work...

  TEG79 14:59 02 Dec 2007

Let me see. There are some buttons and it mentions an OSD menu.

What exactly is the difference between VGA and DVI. I have an adaptor that fits into the DVI socket, but no cable for it.

  TEG79 15:00 02 Dec 2007

How do I change the settings? None of the buttons seem to work with the light on amber.

  Diemmess 15:42 02 Dec 2007

One interpretation of OSD is On Screen Display

This is probably a way of tweaking the appearance once you have a display!

I don't wish to sound a gloomy note but it is just possible that the Monitor isn't working at all except for its low voltage power supply.

Most VGA connections work by default,and it is presumably a VGA cable that you had supplied with the monitor.
Connect it at the Monitor and use the only socket that matches on the computer..... BUT there may be two sockets!
You dont say whether the video control is integrated with the motherboard or a separate card with its own sockets away from the others at the back of the computer?

In fact if everything is new it has to be worth trying a temporary substitution of old monitor to new computer and new monitor to old PC just to check what actually is working.

  Ashrich 20:57 03 Dec 2007

Of course we are assuming that it is the monitor at fault , it might be the graphics card output instead ...I've even seen memory faults do that before .


  martjc 22:28 03 Dec 2007

...that there is a bent pin on one end of the vga cable. Look at both ends very carefully. If a pin is bent it may be your problem!

If this is the case it can sometimes be straightened by carefully manipulating it [go very carefully] with a pair of very thin nosed pliers.

  100andthirty 13:59 04 Dec 2007

I always ask obvious questions, like......

how many blue sockets like the one you're plugging into are there on the back of the PC. Clutching as straws, but I have seen people who have plugged into on-board graphics card when there's an AGP/PCI-Express card fitted.

if there's more than one, try the other one!

  keef66 13:43 05 Dec 2007

No signal suggests the monitor's ok but it's not getting anything from the pc. Are the cables firmly inserted at both ends? And as suggested above, do you have more than one blue vga socket on the back of the pc?

If only one, is it with the connectors for keyboard and mouse nearer the top of the pc (=onboard graphics) or is it in one of the expansion slots lower down (=graphics card)

If it's a graphics card it's possible it's not seated properly in it's slot, or it's power cable isn't attached.

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