Monitor Problems

  VOT Productions 12:46 07 Apr 2009

I have a problem when I start my favourite game, the monitor screen becomes black with blue background a message called "No Signal" appears.
Could anyone solve this

I'm Using a

Windows XP PC (For 6 years)
Radeon 9250 GPU
MSI MS-6729 MotherBoard
80 GB PATA Hard Disk
PC Line Sound Card (support for 5.1)
Wanadoo Network
AMD Athlon 2500+ CPU
768 MB of DDR2 Mermory
2 USB Ports

PS:Don't blame me, I have a slow computer

  ambra4 12:57 07 Apr 2009

Try the following

Re-seat the memory modules if more than one module try them one at a time

  chub_tor 13:04 07 Apr 2009

Does this only happen when you open your favourite game or also with other programmes?

Has it started recently, perhaps after you have added new programmes? Your hard drive is quite small by modern standards, perhaps you don't have enough free space to run the game anymore. If so try cleaning up click here

More DDR2 memory might help or you could try increasing your virtual memory - assuming that you have some hard drive space left.

  Graphicool1 13:06 07 Apr 2009

Are you playing from a disc in the DVD drive/
From a games machine?
Is it installed on your machine?
Is it an on-line game?
What is the games name?

  VOT Productions 13:27 07 Apr 2009

Download and some DVD
My Computer
Yes, installed
I found out that it happens when I play my 3D Games (nearly all of my games)
My Virtual memory is 2GB
10 GB left of HDD

  VOT Productions 13:30 07 Apr 2009

It started recently,

chud_tor post said "Your hard drive is quite small by modern standards" look at my first post(PS Section)

  VOT Productions 13:30 07 Apr 2009

And ambra4 I going to try your idea.

  VOT Productions 14:07 07 Apr 2009

Re-seating doesn't make any different.
Tried only on my 512 MB, Windows restarts
I have Directx 9.0

  chub_tor 14:40 07 Apr 2009

"I found out that it happens when I play my 3D Games (nearly all of my games)"

So it is not just your favourite game then as you said in your first post.

Do you have the latest graphic card drivers v6.11 click here

Your machine is not slow but you do have only around 10% of your hard drive available.

  VOT Productions 15:27 07 Apr 2009

Yes, now I found out try it happens when I play my 3D Games
Yes, Maybe I try the Omega Drivers, how do you think

  chub_tor 15:54 07 Apr 2009

The Omega Drivers are unofficial, third-party drivers for ATI and nVidia graphics cards, created by Angel Trinidad. They differ from the official drivers in that they offer more customization and extra features. They are compatible with all ATi graphics cards and all nVidia cards that use Detonator drivers.

It should be noted that the drivers are tweaked versions of those officially released by ATi and nVidia, mainly using registry tweaks and offering an alternative installer. They are not custom drivers compiled from source code.

Personally I would check which of the official AMD/ATI/Radeon drivers you currently have installed first and if it is not their latest one then I would download and install that. Then if you are still not getting the result that you want try the Omega drivers as they do offer more customisation.

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