Monitor problems

  lee_robinson1983 10:15 04 Jun 2007


I'm thinking my monitor is on it's way or has a fault but would like a second opinion from you experts out there :)

After a little surfing yesterday I noticed a faint, what can only be described as a blotch, lingering in the background of my monitor screen. It looked like several lines, one under the other and was a light purple kind of colour. After turning the pc on again later more of these blotches appeared and were more visible now, one also following the tail of my mouse arrow as I moved it. They also appear when the Windows log on screen appears, all in the same place. Also when I view a web page they appear more but if a link is there that can be clicked on, the blotches disapear when I hover the mouse arrow over the link...

Is it a case of a trip to PC world to but a new monitor? Thanks

  ArrGee 11:26 04 Jun 2007

Looks like a trip to PC World may be in order. Just before that, you haven't mentioned what type of monitor you have...CRT, TFT, LCD?

If it's a CRT, do you have any magnetic objects close to the screen, such as a loudspeaker? This can potentially cause the effects you describe.

  lee_robinson1983 11:30 04 Jun 2007

It's a TFT. Does anyone recommend any places where I can buy good, reliable and not too expensive 19" + TFTs/LCDs?

  Gongoozler 12:00 04 Jun 2007

You can pay a very wide range of prices for what at first appears to be the same sort of spec. For a fairly basic monitor I think it's hard to beat Acer. Try this for 19 inch widescreen click here, or for a conventional aspect ratio click here. Note that for the same diagonal the widescreen has a smaller area and so is cheaper. For a really good quality monitor at a reasonable price I can recommend the 20.5 inch widescreen Samsung Syncmaster click here.

  lee_robinson1983 15:47 06 Jun 2007

Further to the above I have read a few forums that mention a similar problem to mine and there is talk of a faulty gpu or possible graphics card problems. Could anyone expand on these issues for me with regard to my monitor problem?


  jack 15:54 06 Jun 2007

Before you rush of though, endeavour to try the monitor on another machine.

If the problem is still there then that could prove the point
If they have gone away - then time to check the graphics on your machine or simply the data cable.

  bukkaz 19:12 06 Jun 2007

I'd go along with Gongoozler. Bought that monitor after talking to folks on here and absolutely delighted with it. A doddle to set up as well. As long as your graphics card will support the resolution it is brilliant value.

  woodchip 19:30 06 Jun 2007

It may be the Graphics card also. so you may just waste money getting a new monitor. can you try the monitor on another comp

  lee_robinson1983 22:18 06 Jun 2007

right an update.... It isn't the monitor, I used my mates monitor on my pc and it still showed the same purple patches. Is it the graphics card then?? I've re-installed the drivers I had adn tried a system restore but still the same purple patches. Need help please people!

  wee eddie 22:59 06 Jun 2007

you have a graphics Card.

While unlikely to make any difference, have you tried re-seating it.

While it is totally illogical, things mechanical like a bit of care and attention, give the guts a clean out and re-seat everything.

It probably won't solve anything but costs nothing and if your Graphics Card needs replacing, you'll have to follow that route anyway

  lee_robinson1983 10:30 07 Jun 2007

wee eddie

Yes I have a GeForce 7800GTX, I will try as you say when I am home, thanks. If this doesn't work though what else can anyone suggest?

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