Monitor problems

  Jak_1 14:08 04 Dec 2006

Up untill I finished on the pc last night my monitor was fine, evrythin seemed ok. On switching on today everytghing is squashed up into the middle third of the screen from each side, hight is normal. Ie, a longitudanly squashed window! Only other abnormality is greyish bars up and down the now viewable area. Brightness has deteriorated over the last few months to a small degree and the monitor a 17 inch Packard Bell supplied with previous pc is now about 7 years old. OS is windows XP-Home. PC is an Advent 3618 Athlon 64 3200+, graphics nVidia Ge Force FX 5200 (256 MB RAM. System has 1.5 GB RAM. Only other thing of note is that occasionaly the screen displays what appears to be momentry static and that quickly clears.
I have been thinking of getting a new monitor but was wondering if the graphics card may be at fault before I go ahead with new monitor.

  Aargh 14:14 04 Dec 2006

I'd suggest you've worked it out for yourself. Run a check on the monitor on another system if possible, and if possible run a display test from display properties.

  Jak_1 14:28 04 Dec 2006

Unfortunately, trying the monitor on another machine is a non starter for me. The screen quality is fine except for the symptoms described and ere's me towards the aging monitor being on it's last legs.

  citadel 19:19 04 Dec 2006

if it is a crt it probably has had it's day.

  Technotiger 19:22 04 Dec 2006

Hi, I reckon now is the time to get yourself a nice Chrissie Prez - hows about a lovely 17" Flat Screen??

  skidzy 19:24 04 Dec 2006

Hi Jak_ bearing in mind the monitor is quite old now,yes it could be dying.But have you tried removing the graphics card and trying the onboard graphics for a while..hopefully this may tell you if the card is at fault.

Apologies if you have tried this.

  Jak_1 00:30 05 Dec 2006

Thanks everyone for your responses. An early self chrissy prezzie is in order. A new 19 inch flat screen monitor is the priority for today methinks.

  Jak_1 16:00 05 Dec 2006

Now the proud owner of a 19" flat screen monitor and an open window fills the screen. The old crt had served me well but is now headed to the monitor graveyard at work for proper disposal. New monitor is a 19" Octigen 9209N at not a bad price of £115.14 from Micro Direct and not a dead pixel in sight.

click here

  Technotiger 16:03 05 Dec 2006

Nice one .... Happy Christmas!!

  Jak_1 16:08 05 Dec 2006


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