Monitor problems

  mvcuk1 08:53 24 Feb 2006

I have 3 monitors that are having problems. On 2 of the monitors, the display size has shrunk leaving 2 vertical bars on the side, like a 4:3 picture on a widescreen tv. I have tried to resize the screen using the monitor controls, but the screen stays the same. The other monitor is discoloured on all four corners of the screen like when you put a magnet near a TV. I have tried to degauss the monitor, but the problem still happens. Are the monitors faulty?

  Gongoozler 09:17 24 Feb 2006

The monitors with the shrunk display size could be caused by running at a combination of resolution and refresh rate that is incompatible. The monitor with discoloured corners may be due to being severely magnetised and in need of degaussing with something more powerful than it's internal degaussing facility. Have all these problems suddenly happened, or are these old monitors that you have acquired?

  mvcuk1 11:39 24 Feb 2006

All monitors run on either 1024x768 @85hz or 800x600 @85hz. All the monitors are Hansol monitors and are the same model. The monitors are 18 months old and all these problems have appeared this week. Thanks for the quick response.

  Gongoozler 12:10 24 Feb 2006

Has someone been sabotaging your monitors? Is there a possibility that the mains supply is low?

The discoloured monitor is caused by the electron beam landing incorrectly. Once the monitor has left the factory there is very little you can do about it other than degaussing. A repair workshop would use a powerful degaussing electro-magnet for this purpose, but the problem should never occur unless a similarly powerful magnet has got close to the screen.

The reduced width is caused by insufficient horizontal scan power. In my experience monitors have certain resolution and refresh rate combinations they work best at. For three monitors to misbehave simultaneously is VERY unlikely to happen without some external influence.

  961 12:35 24 Feb 2006

Try setting to run at 60hz. This must be a graphics card/computer setting/cable fault for 3 monitors to have a problem

Re-install basic graphics drivers?

PSU>Graphics card power fault?

Shouldn't pursue using monitors until fault established and corrected. Just use oldest while correcting things?

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