Monitor Problem (TFT)

  AshW 11:02 14 Sep 2003

Woke up this morning to find that my I.T. Works TFT monitor doesn't like dark pixels, and large areas of the screen are covered by 'noise'. No new software has been loaded since 1am last night, or changes made to the PC.

I've fiddled about with

- the resolution
- new nVidia drivers
- colours

This applies to games as well as the desktop (so BF1942 is impossible to play without feeling it's BF1960's: the hippy war).

Any help?

For a screencap, click here

  AshW 11:05 14 Sep 2003

Haha, the image looks perfectly fine on the other PC - so that may give you a clue.

  Jester2K II 11:08 14 Sep 2003

Can you explain the screencap - what am i looking at?

  AshW 11:12 14 Sep 2003

To me, it's a purple and red mass of dancing pixies...but it looks fine for everyone else (which I wasn't expecting).

  powerless 11:14 14 Sep 2003

A screen capture will not capture defective pixels.

  Jester2K II 11:16 14 Sep 2003

Ah but a photo of it might? Got a digi camera??

  powerless 11:20 14 Sep 2003

Yes a photo of it will (ish).

  AshW 11:27 14 Sep 2003

Holy Jebus, there's witchcraft afoot - it just went in, it just WENT fine for no reason.

I am scared. =/

Sorry for wasting your time...if it goes back, I'll get the camera out and show you all...but it's now working.

  Jester2K II 11:37 14 Sep 2003

Loose cable???

  bvw in bristol 18:35 17 Sep 2003

Thanks for trying to help out my lad.

It's the monitor that's faulty. Changed graphic cards, tried the monitor on my PC, no change I'm afraid.

Bought the monitor from Comet in May this year, engineer is on the way.

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