monitor problem - I think!

  johnno55 12:49 23 Mar 2003

When I start up, instead of the read-out appearing across the full screen it starts as an inch wide band vertically across the centre of the screen and gradually spreads to fill the screen. After about 2-3 minutes during which everything appears compressed horizontally the read out is at normal size and I have no problems with the actual system - everything works as normal on internet and using Word. Does this mean my monitor is on the way out? Thanks in advance for any help.


  recap 14:43 23 Mar 2003

Before you go out and buy a new monitor johnno55, I would try another monitor to see if it is this that is at fault.

  hugh-265156 15:36 23 Mar 2003

have you connected the tv out from a graphics card to your tv by any chance?

  hugh-265156 16:04 23 Mar 2003

No I haven't done that, but would that cause this? Thanks for the advice - much appreciated.

yes it can cause the monitor screen to appear squashed on start you have not got dual monitor connected im not to it just at start up screen?once in windows is it ok?or is it like this untill the monitor heats up?

  DieSse 16:37 23 Mar 2003

Only a faulty monitor can cause this problem.

  wee eddie 16:49 23 Mar 2003

look for the Warrantry

You may get a replacement on the house

  johnno55 17:08 23 Mar 2003

It lasts until the monitor has heated up - takes a few minutes.

  hugh-265156 17:25 23 Mar 2003

monitor fault then as DieSse and wee eddie say.

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