Monitor Problem

  s99Raj 13:18 23 Feb 2003

This is a hard-to-describe monitor problem I have. I know the monitor is working fine (because it was until an hour ago!) but when I switch on the PC the picture is "squashed up" and sometimes several smaller over-lapping screens appear. I hope I've described this OK.

I'm sure there must be some way of resetting the monitor so the picture is perfect again. It might be something to do with the resolution or refresh rate or sometihng else, I'm only guessing. I can attach the monitor to a laptop, and the picture is fine on the laptop screen but not on the external monitor. I've tried going to the Control Panel/Display and trying various settings but nothing seems to work. I'm using XP Professional. Cheers.

  Rtus 13:22 23 Feb 2003

does the monitor have on screen settings? And which make & model are you refering to ???

  s99Raj 13:27 23 Feb 2003

There are no on-screen seetings. I have two 14" SVGA colour monitors and so they're quite old and both present me with the same problem.

One's an Elonex Model SV14, and the other is a Samtron Model SC 428VS.

  « Ravin » 13:33 23 Feb 2003

are you sure they have no screen settings? even quite old monitors have settings to change the screen size , probably somewhere under the monitor they have these wheels. try increasing the horizontal and verticle screen size . if that doesn't work try increasing your screen resolution from display properties.

  DieSse 13:35 23 Feb 2003

"It might be something to do with the resolution or refresh rate or sometihng else"

It's almopst certainly something to do with the resolution/refresh rates, if it's the same on two monitors.

Reset the resolution to 640x480, and the refresh rate to 60 - then take them both back up again, a step at a time.

  s99Raj 13:36 23 Feb 2003

Yes, they do have wheels and buttons at the back to increase/decrease horizontal/vertical size but these do not help. Neither does changing the screen resolution in the Display Porperties.

  DieSse 13:52 23 Feb 2003

Of course it could also be a fault in the extra bit of circuitry in the laptop used to generate the display for the external monitor.

  DieSse 13:53 23 Feb 2003

"I know the monitor is working fine (because it was until an hour ago!)"

Philosophical point - eveything that fails was working fine up to the time when it failed.

  AndySD 13:55 23 Feb 2003

Corrupt video drivers maybee

Try reinstalling the graphics drivers.

  s99Raj 14:43 23 Feb 2003

I finally solved it by starting again in Safe Mode and changing the resolution from there.
All seems fine now. Cheers!

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