Monitor Problem

  manrow 16:29 12 Mar 2012

I have an LG Flatron W2252TQ monitor which has developed 2 different display characteristics from left and right of the display. If I view a digital image on screen then the left-hand side is good, whereas the right-hand side is duller and slightly out of focus. By moving the image across the screen I can prove the problem is in display and that the photo itself is not at fault. Is it likely that this could be adjusted by a technician or is replacement monitor more likely?

  birdface 16:33 12 Mar 2012

You could try another monitor to see if it works ok.Could it be your graphics driver needing updated.

  Ian in Northampton 16:36 12 Mar 2012

I think Buteman's first suggestion is good. That way, you identify whether it's the screen or the PC that's the problem.

  manrow 09:56 17 Mar 2012

Having changed the monitor, problem has gone.

Since the original monitor was faulty does it sound something that can be adjusted or replacement the more likely option?

  GroupFC 10:03 17 Mar 2012

I don't know this monitor or if it is something that can be adjusted, but if you contact LG I have found their customer service to be excellent. Depending on the age of the monitor, you may find that they offer a swap (all be it for a re-furbished model), which is what they did for me when mine developed a fault.

  birdface 11:29 17 Mar 2012

All depends where you bought the Monitor some places you get a 3 year warranty so depends how long you have had it.

  manrow 15:27 22 Mar 2012

LG customer service were very helpful. Suggested how to use factory reset which completely cleared the problem.

Thanks to all of you for the advice!

  birdface 16:08 22 Mar 2012


Thanks for letting us know to outcome and that it is working Ok now.

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