Monitor Problem ?

  Garry R 22:58 05 Nov 2007

At the top and bottom of my monitor there appears to be a very thin white line across the screen like a 'scrape' albeit very thin and somewhat faint. Anyone any idea's on what this could be and what could cause it ?

    00:01 06 Nov 2007

Is it a Samsung.

  Garry R 00:05 06 Nov 2007

Yes it is. Samsung 17' 710 N

    00:14 06 Nov 2007

I have a Samgung 26" LDC TV and it does exactly the same, Although it is not a fault.

Can you stretch the screen in it's screen menu or Graphics Card settings.

Had mine 11 month (I just got used to it).

    00:15 06 Nov 2007

Month = Months (Dratted s Key)

  Garry R 12:26 06 Nov 2007

I'll check that out.

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