Monitor problem??

  Dav3 13:09 05 Sep 2007

Recently, i keep getting "No signal from input 1" etc displayed on my screen. my monior then goes into a standby state wit the light changing colour and my mouse or keyboard can't be used to go back to the desktop.
after restarting, it shows the same message once the manufacturer and windows page has loaded. the few times that i have got back to the desktop after restarting, after a few minutes after everything has loaded, it goes back into that state and i cant get back to the desktop. i have tried a system restore, which works as far as me getting back to the desktop but then as mentioned once the desktop has loaded the screen displays that same message.
this is a monitor problem im guessing because everything loads fine and have even been on the net until it displays that message. my pc is a 2001 Dell, and i have a 20.1" CRT monitor.
iv checked all the connections perfectly. anyone know what the problem is??? any help would be much appreciated, cheers

  total_pc 13:13 05 Sep 2007

May not be your screen. Do you have a spare that you could try? Or a laptop that you could plug the screen in to to see if the same thing happens?

  wee eddie 13:25 05 Sep 2007

Check your Graphics set-up, possibly the Card's Cooling System has gone up the spout.

Check that you have not lost or damaged one of the pins on the Cable plugs.

  Dav3 19:18 05 Sep 2007

another thing to mention. when i boot it up the colours on the screen change slightly(during Dell and Microsoft loading screens), purple appears in random parts and there are vertical lines in some areas of the screen. when i see this, it doesn't get to the desktop.

othertimes the colours are fine, as normal, and it usually goes to my normal desktop only for it me to get that message later on. dunno if this helps.

  wee eddie 20:11 05 Sep 2007

Have you ever given the insides of the PC a blow-out to get rid of the dust?

What Security Software do you have installed?

How often are you updating and running it?

  Dav3 19:39 06 Sep 2007

havn't given the inside of the pc a clean for a while, but havn't had this message displayed before.

iv only got the security that comes with windows and it has been for a few years now and again it updates whenever they are shown as ready in the toolbar my microsoft.

sometimes i can switch it on and i can use it for a long time. yesterday it booted up fine and i used it for a few hours and went to bed. this morning i had a look and the screen still displayed stuff. then i went out and have just come back now and the message is displayed once again and even after reboot i can't get to my desktop.

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