Monitor problem

  biggeoffc 10:10 29 Jul 2007

I have a 4 year old Acer Al1712 lcd monitor on a DVI cable.
When I switch the system on, the picture appears for about 2 seconds then the screen goes back to black. Sometimes though, there is a greyed out 'ghost' image showing.
If I switch the screen on and off, after about 20 -30 attempts, the image goes a little brighter and displays as normal.
Generally, switching the monitor off and leaving the system running doesn't cause the problem to re-appear.
Leaving the monitor on when I switch the rest of the system off overnight doesn't work, so it's not a start from cold problem.
I have checked the connections and seating of the graphics card, all seem ok. However, when I was playing 'Call of Duty' a few nights ago, the system froze several times and I had to re-start it.
Is there any test I can use to determine whether this is a monitor or graphics card problem or both?

  Diemmess 10:29 29 Jul 2007

Monitor lamp or internal power failing?
I don't think it is a card problem.

Substitution seems the simplest way to check.

Try swapping a friend's monitor with yours and vice versa.
No need to worry or change drivers. There may be ideal settings which differ, but you should have a fully lit and colour screen on a healthy healthy combination.

  Gongoozler 10:32 29 Jul 2007

The "greyed out 'ghost' image" sounds to me like the LCD part of the monitor is working fine, but there's no backlight to illuminate it. Does the Acer monitor normally have it's own display at switch-on, or have a menu display. This is often independant of the signal source and is therefore a good indication of whether the monitor is working. Otherwise you need to find another computer to test the monitor on.
The symptoms you describe suggest either a failed "cold cathode tube" (a kind of fluorescent light), or a failed inverter (the bit that provides the high volts to the tube). Unless you are able to do it yourself, either would well cost more than replacing the Acer.

  martjc 12:49 29 Jul 2007

...Repair would be too expensive as you can get a 19" TFT for around £100 or so these days.

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