Monitor powering off

  Mike_R 19:59 08 Mar 2004

My son's Mesh PC with a Mitsubishi 720 monitor keeps on going to power save from 6 to 15 secs after switching on. Hitting the keyboard or moving the mouse does not jog it into life. Also if the monitor is then switched off and on, it immediately goes into power save. The initial power save is too quick for me to examine any power management settings. The local PC shop tells me that some monitors do this if the controls are fiddled with. It is possible that one of the grandchildren had a play, but unfortunately the monitor instruction booklet is lost.
Has anyone this monitor, and does it behave as described? My monitor is an iiyama Vision Master which does not appear to do this. At least, there is nothing about such behaviour in its instruction booklet.

  john-232317 20:25 08 Mar 2004

I would have thought the power management is run by the PC not the monitor.

I just looked at my power management for a "Samtron 76E monitor" and the minimum time to run before power management clips in is one minute on "win 98".

Sounds like a monitor power supply problem.

  Rennaissance 20:30 08 Mar 2004

This MIGHT be a graphics related problem. I would have reinstalled the drivers. But i dont see how you can do so. Does it post at all? Any beeps? Can you get into windows? you say 10-15 secs, but from when on? What are your system specs?

  Mike_R 20:54 08 Mar 2004

The problem is that on loading, it barely gets into Win98, if at all. It seems to make all the right noises and the screen messages look OK while loading up until the monitor power saves out - not always at the same place.
The PC is a Mesh Matrix 900GDR with 128 MB store and 20GB HD, and 32MB GEForce2 MX SDR graphics. It is 3 months over the three year warranty. Sods Law!

  fuzzyone 20:57 08 Mar 2004


Try booting up in safe mode (continually tap the F8 key while booting). If you can do this, open control panel, power options, and ensure all are set to always on.

  Mike_R 21:45 08 Mar 2004

Thanks. I will do that on Wednesday evening when I next visit.

  MESH Support 09:17 09 Mar 2004

The warranty period only governs whether the part can be changed, we will still offer support after this period.

The best test to do would be try the PC or Monitor with another PC or Monitor. Best test but unfortunately also the most awkward if you are the one who has to transport the PC/Monitor. If you are able to do this then you can establish if it's the PC or Monitor causing the fault.

I would lean towards the monitor in your case but I couldn't be 100% sure at this point.

Let me know how you get on either here or via [email protected] If you email me please remember to include your screen name (Mike_R) and serial/order number.


Mesh Support

  Mike_R 12:57 09 Mar 2004

Thanks. I will collect the monitor tomorrow evening and try it connected to my computer.

  Mike_R 21:50 10 Mar 2004

I tried the monitor on my computer and it worked perfectly. It even withstood rolling over in the car boot. I must make sure that it is firmly wedged in when I return it tomorrow. I will then have a look at the BIOS settings if the monitor stays alive long enough.
The serial no of the PC is SN4610167F.

  Mike_R 17:15 11 Mar 2004

I reconnected the monitor to the MESH and it powered off as before. I went into the BIOS power menu and tried the various settings, but with no luck. The monitor again kept on powering off as before. First I disabled Power Management then set it to Min and Max Saving. Then I reset it to User Define and changed the Suspend Mode to 30 mins. Lastly I changed Video Off to Always On.
Finally I went into Windows Safe mode and the monitor stayed on until I closed Windows98 down. I looked at the Power Setting which was set to Always On.
Is there anything I can do while in Windows safe mode?

  john-232317 18:01 11 Mar 2004

When you tried on other PC, did you also use his mesh lead or yours ?

If its not the pc settings, it seems strange it works on one and not the other, maybe lead breakdown, drivers, or graphic card.

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