Monitor or Graphics card problem need ideas!

  legalrep 11:31 02 Jan 2008

I have an Evesham system running XP Pro with twin Nvidia 7800gt graphic cards, the problem started last night when the monitor began being garbled whilst running a game (Age of Empires 3) I closed the system down and restarted but the screen was still the same, I read a number of similar threads and did the following.

(1) Downloaded the latest video driver from Nvidia (Dec 07)
(2) Opened the case and cleaned dust away from both cards
(3) Removed and tested each card separately.

Having rebooted system with card 1 same problem.

Rebooted with card 2 system fine for half an hour, inspected card 2 and thoroughly cleaned
Replaced card 2, both cards installed and system stable screen working fine.

Rebooted this morning system fine for one and a half hours then screen began to flash between blank and normal before screen goes into standby and I have to turn CPU off.

System will reboot fine and everything works ok but after a little while same problem. Screen goes into standby

System speck

XP pro service pack 2
1 mb of Ram
AMD 64 Processor 3700+ 2.21ghz
Twin (SLi) 7800gt Nvidia graphic cards

  MAJ 11:46 02 Jan 2008

Borrow another monitor, from a mate maybe, and see if it happens with that monitor attached. Should rule in or rule out a monitor problem.

  legalrep 12:05 02 Jan 2008

Quick update when monitor shuts down if I leave alone, system reboots and starts up again fine! Currently have case open all fans working fine not clogged etc!

  ExBocks 12:18 02 Jan 2008

try a different monitor if possible! if not, check the connections, if using a VGA connection check all the pins are straight. Bent pins cause a lot of grief!



  legalrep 12:24 02 Jan 2008

thanks Maj, Exbocks but I don't have another one to try I'm afraid, but I'm certain its not the monitor.

  legalrep 18:05 02 Jan 2008

reistalled and cleaned everything lunch time seems to all work ok except when i press the sleep button on my keyboard it shuts system down and I have to restart! never did this before! Any one have any ideas? Please!

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