Monitor - nothing displayed, straight to standby!

  blue danube 15:25 12 Dec 2005

Bought a computer from a friend who was using it with a 19" CRT monitor and windows XP.

On powering up with my GNR 17" CRT monitor with the new computer, the monitor briefly attempts to power up but quickly goes into standby mode - yellow light flashing. Absolutely nothing on screen, no boot up displays etc. Can hear the computer working away fine. Tested my monitor on computer at work, using windows 98 and works fine, so monitor is OK. All leads, cables etc are OK. Wondering if there is something in the settings of computer which is retained when previously using 19" monitor (eg refresh rate). If so, how can I reset when I get absolutely nothing on booting up.
Any suggestions gratefully received.


  alan227 15:54 12 Dec 2005

This might seem daft but have you got a graphics card in the computer you brought of your friend.
I ask to see if you have connected it to the onboard graphics port instead of the graphics card port as that would cause your problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 12 Dec 2005

try booting to safe mode tap F8 as it first starts up.

This sholud load default drivers and allow you to get into control panel and remove old disply drivers.

  blue danube 09:24 13 Dec 2005

Thanks for advice. Managed to sort it. Booted up computer with dsub connecter connected to monitor but monitor not powered up. Then powered up monitor, and it seemed to work, albeit with wrong resolution settings. Rather peculiar as monitor is only 3 years old and should have been no problem, but did notice that monitor didn't have XP certified type sticker on it which means it didn't have XP digital signature. Nevertheless, don't think it should made a difference.

Cheers anyway.

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