Monitor not working

  scoops 09:59 07 Mar 2005

Have recently developed a problem where I've turned on my PC and sometimes the display would come on and then immediatley turn back off again, as if it were not receiving a signal. Rebooting has previously solved the problem. However, it now fails to come on no matter how many times i reboot. i have not changed any setting or installed a new card or driver.

Any ideas??

  Diemmess 11:55 07 Mar 2005

Ideas?- only the obvious ones I'm afraid!

Video card, or monitor, or monitor cable failure in that order.

If you can try substitution, the monitor is easiest to check and at the same time you can verify the data cable. ......If you have a spare video card and can substitute that, you don't need to worry about drivers, however awful the effect you can see whether or not there is a display.

  jack 12:28 07 Mar 2005

Monitors once set up usually get no further attention to the controls.

Because of this the connection spot on the brightness/contrast/colour vairacs can 'burn' a blank spot.
Try this
Boot up
Check monitor power light - is it on?
If yes
Got to each of the controls and give them a twitch
You could have a pleasant surprise.

Lastly check out your BIOS- how is the monitor power saving setting?

  spuds 19:10 07 Mar 2005

If it is the monitor, then you may find the answer click here but be warned, some heavy reading.

  Chezdez 19:31 07 Mar 2005

try the monitor on a differnt computer, try the computer on a differnt monitor, etc etc

basically, just mix and match video cables, graphics cards and monitors (make sure the other components definately work of course!) until you can pin it to one thing, shouldn't take you too long

  Chezdez 19:34 07 Mar 2005

one more thing

if it is the monitor that is broken, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMP TO OPEN THE MONITOR

i can't stress how important it is that you don't attemp any DIY repairs on a monitor, take it to you local (and trusted) computer shop, let them have a look see

  scoops 15:01 08 Mar 2005

will swap monitors tonight. am also trying a new graphics card, so the process of elimination starts.


  scoops 15:25 11 Mar 2005

I have swapped the graphics card and have also tried a different monitor (on both graphics cards), and unfortunately there is still no display. Am not sure what to try next. someone has mentioned that i should try the ram next?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:31 11 Mar 2005

Yes a faulty memory stick can stop the PC from booting.

If you have two try one at a time.

  scoops 09:33 15 Mar 2005

i have now tried two monitors, two video cards, i have two ram modules and have swapped these round. I wont start in safe mode, i cannot access the bios at start up. kaput.

It has now been suggested that the video driver may be the problem, but why would this suddenly cause a fault?

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