Monitor Not Showing?

  Jimi_L 01:14 12 Feb 2006

Hi, I’ve just plug all my new computer parts up…everything’s correct I’m sure, as I have check and double checked etc. I have one slight problem the monitor isn’t loading up and turning on. The monitors green light is flashing like it wants to or like it dose when the computer not on and the computers running fine but for some reason the monitor won’t show…I’m going by how I had my other computer, I had a extra bit on the end of the monitor cable that runs to the computer, a converter of some kind that instead of using the blue end uses the other connection into the graphix card but I tried both, which is better for gaming by the way? Anyway, I had a little tutorial in a mag I got a while back and the guy seys put a molex plug into the graphix card? I never had one on my last computers graphix card and I cant find where to connect one on this radeon 9600pro, so I’m confused on that matter, also would this even solve the problem, my monitors fine cos I’ve used it, please, please could you help,



  Skyver 01:38 12 Feb 2006

Your 9600 doesn't need extra power, hence no Molex connector. You are probably on about DVI connections - if you use a CRT stick with the ordinary VGA connector.
If you unplug the monitor from the PC and then switch the monitor on, do you get any text on screen, `No Signal` or some-such? Does the PC beep at all, does it sound as if's actually loading the OS?

  Jimi_L 01:42 12 Feb 2006

the monitor is asif i turned it on with a computer connected to it, i'm sure it just a minor problem or thats what i telling myself seems like the computer not recognizing it...



  Jimi_L 01:42 12 Feb 2006

without a computer connected soz...

  Skyver 01:43 12 Feb 2006

Is the video card new, or from a previous system?

  Jimi_L 01:43 12 Feb 2006

should i be using the extra connector bit...? for gaming is there a difference between the two connections?

  Jimi_L 01:44 12 Feb 2006

the video cards brand spakin new straight from the packet...

  Skyver 01:46 12 Feb 2006

I can't tell you much about the other connector, except to say that if your screen is a good quality TFT then use the digital connector, and see if it can keep up with the speed of the graphics in a game, if not stick with VGA. No need to worry about that now if nothing comes up on the screen anyway. Can you try a different video card?

  Jimi_L 01:46 12 Feb 2006

could it even be the harddrive? becouse i'm not sure if it should be set to master or what? becouse ive got my rw as master and my dvd as slave

  Jimi_L 01:48 12 Feb 2006

oh the monitor works on my older radeon 9000, mabye i need to check my connections again, could you recommend what to check inside?

  Skyver 01:54 12 Feb 2006

Just make sure everything is seated properly.

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