Monitor not displaying

  Liza 01:33 20 Aug 2004

I was working on my old computer 450mhz whereby I had to take the cover out and remove the video agp card. After putting the card back in and testing the computer without putting the case back on I suddenly got a burning smell and saw smoke coming out from which I thought was the psu area. I immediately disconnected the power plug and could not after examination pin point the spot of the burning. I waited for a bit then closed the computer and started again. The computer started allright but the monitor was not displaying anything although I could hear some whirring. Could it be the agp card got fried?

  User-312386 03:05 20 Aug 2004

sounds like it

take the card out and use the onboard graphics to see if it works

  Liza 01:26 21 Aug 2004

Thank you for your response. I took out the graphics card and the screen gave usual warning video card was not connected. So I thought that's it I'll go out and buy another card. Believe it or not I went to this very big shopping prescinct and there wasn't a single computer shop, not even Dixon (my computer is at my niece's). Anyway just as well there were no computer shops because when I came back I decided to take out the memory board that I recently installed and saw one of the labels that are generally fixed to the chips was brown, burnt.Didn't put that board back. Started my computer again and all was fine. Why did it behave like that? Did I not install it properly?

  Djohn 01:37 21 Aug 2004

It's possible that when you were removing/inserting the graphic card you may have dislodged the memory stick slightly and this is what shorted out. Good to hear that all is now working though and that you got off lightly with having to remove only a memory stick.

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