Monitor not closing down

  Bonytony 16:40 30 Jan 2007

I have a Dell Dimension desktop PC which has recently begun to not close the monitor down properly. When the PC is shut down the monitor no longer automatically switches off but flashes through a series of bright (full screen) colours. It is also not possible to switch off with the monitor power button. The same thing happens when the monitor should have gone in to 'sleep' mode though it does return to normal when you start to use the PC again. Has anyone experienced this? Could it be a system fault/setting or is the monitor more likely to be a problem?

  Gongoozler 16:53 30 Jan 2007

What happens if you remove the monitor video connector from the PC?

  Bonytony 19:19 30 Jan 2007

Seems to do the same. I guess that means there is something up with the monitor...?

  Gongoozler 11:41 01 Feb 2007

It is definitely a monitor issue. I don't know which monitor is supplied with the Dell Dimension, but there may be a menu item in the monitor controls that affects this behaviour.

  BioBob 12:00 01 Feb 2007

If you can pinpint it happening on a certain day, then perhaps its being influenced by some new software or Windows Update? You could try using System Restore to a previous time when you know it was working.. if no luck, then try Power Options in Control Panel, see if anything has changed there. Failing that, did any monitor software come with the system? you may need to reinstall it, or just check the Monitor Menu like Gongoozler suggested... if all that fails, turn it off manually when you turn the monitor off :)

  Gongoozler 14:12 01 Feb 2007

BioBob, the problem can't be in the computer, the monitor behaves the same way when its disconnected from the computer.

  Bonytony 14:22 01 Feb 2007

I have worked out that the problem is in the monitor - swapped it with an old CRT and that works fine. Put the flat screen on an old PC and problem remains. Luckily I have 5 days warranty remaining on it and Dell are taking it away. Hope they fix it because I am fed up with what looks like a mobile disco flashing in the corner of my living room.

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