monitor moving on its own

  sdmck 20:48 11 Jan 2012

My pc monitor scrolls on its own as though I am using the mouse wheel even though I am not. I google search for something and when I try to click on to a particular web site the monitor has moved and I end up clicking on something else. Have bought a new cable between monitor and computer, changing mouse, and even using portable tv as a computer monitor but the problems is still there. Please can anyone help?

  Ellie 22:30 11 Jan 2012

I had the same problem with my laptop screen. I solved it by going to Control Panel, Mouse, Device settings, settings..., Virtual scrolling, long distance scrolling and took the tick out of Enable coasting. Don't know if it will be the same for you, but it may be worth a look.

  sdmck 23:17 11 Jan 2012

not been able to find "virtual scrolling". I have Windows 7. It is as though I am scrolling up and down but I am not touching the mouse. Driving me mad.

  [email protected] 02:01 12 Jan 2012

Have you tried another mouse in case the mouse is faulty?

  sdmck 07:30 12 Jan 2012

tried that last night but will do again tonight - need to go to work. Thanks for help .

  Ian in Northampton 10:11 12 Jan 2012

Or - it could be that you have a sticky key on your keyboard.

  sdmck 13:21 12 Jan 2012

Will give that a try after work. However, don't think I mentioned on this post that I had the same problem before changing my computer some months ago. So don't really think it can be related to the computer, keyboard or mouse as these are all new. When I first started using the new computer all was well but just recently this problem has come back. I really thought it was my monitor or the connecting cable to the monitor but now realise it is not. Don't suppose it could be anything to do with my broadband or the Norton anti virus I installed a few months ago.

  sdmck 14:46 14 Jan 2012

The problem with screen scrolling seems to have corrected itself now. Think it may have been dirt in my mouse but not sure. However, all is well for the time being and thanks to those who offered assistance.

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