Monitor light flashing.

  WrathMaster2 15:09 15 Sep 2005

I am building a new PC. It's an Asus A7N8X-E deluxe, AMD 3200+, 1gig PC2700 ram, 80gig IDE HDD, DVD/RW, FX 5200.

Now onto the problem. When I boot up the machine the monitor stays blank and the green LED light is flashing on and off. I tried a different monitor and the same thing happens. I tried a differnet video card (mx440 se), same thing.
I read somewhere that it means the monitor is recieving no signal, is this true?
I wonder if restting the CMOS would help?

  woodchip 15:15 15 Sep 2005

It's not the monitor, it is telling you that it's not getting a signal. Remove all connectitions from all drives, only have one stick memory and graphics card in and try to boot to BIOS setup

  WrathMaster2 15:31 15 Sep 2005

I tried that. It's doing the same thing, it will boot up, the monitor flashes, then the pc shuts down on its own. The green power light stays on on the pc case.

  woodchip 15:39 15 Sep 2005

try the bios defaults. also make sure the clear bios jumper is in run position

  WrathMaster2 15:56 15 Sep 2005

I reset the CMOS (took it out for 10 minutes), no luck. It just won't boot damnit. Is the mobo fried? CPU fried?

  wobblymike 16:08 15 Sep 2005

As wodchip says above, if you have tried it with just one memory stick and a graphics card and it still won't boot, try another graphics card and try another memory stick - if that fails to fix it then you are left with either a faulty mobo or dead cpu. I had the same problem a while ago went through the same process as you are doing and eventually was left with the mobo as the source of the problem. Had no choice but to bin it and get a new one

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