LANDCRUISER 15:35 26 Apr 2007

I still have a problem with my monitor switching of its a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 920,i have checked leads,scaned for viruses & malware all clear,i have a mesh matrix pc with quantispeed,when it switches off the longer i leave it switch of the longer it will stay on, up to a point, when it will stay on,i have noticed that the exhaust fan strugles to start but when its running it runs quiet fast like normall,hope you can help as impulling my hair out to find the problem. thanks for any help

  Gongoozler 15:59 26 Apr 2007

Hi LANDCRUISER. Are you saying that the longer you leave the computer off the longer the monitor stays on, or the longer you leave the monitor off, the longer it will stay on after restarting? When the Mitsubishi isn't getting a signal it goes into standby mode, so if the computer is overheating and shuts down, the monitor will not be getting a signal and as I said above it will go into standby mode. The first thing I suggest you try is opening the computer case and clean the fan blades and heatsinks of all the fans (CPU, graphics, chipset and case fans - you may not have all those but you will definitely have a CPU fan). The PSU also has a fan, and although that often gives this problem it is not recommended that the inexperienced open the box to clean it because of the high voltages in there.

  LANDCRUISER 16:33 26 Apr 2007

Hi gongoozler,its longer i leave the monitor of,the pc does not have a heat problem, cpu temp is 64c & mb 39c,i am running asus pc probe this monitors all sorts of things,i have allready cleaned all the fans as i thought this may be the problem,all so cleaned cpu fan as its on the outside of the psu,any other ideas?

  Gongoozler 16:48 26 Apr 2007

Hi LANDCRUISER. If it's the monitor, then that's almost certainly overheating. Opening the monotor case and cleaning out the dust MIGHT cure the problem, but because there are components in there that run at about 35,000 volts it's not a recommended plan of action for anyone inexperienced with the repair of TV type equipment. The only solution I can really advise is to throw out the CRT monitor and buy a flat panel. They are much more affordable these days. I've just replaced my Diamond Pro with a Samsung 205BW, and the picture quality is amzing.

  LANDCRUISER 12:29 27 Apr 2007

I will try cleaning the monitor & as buying a new monitor i have ordered a new pc from evesham that i should get next week i wanted to get this monitor sorted so i can sell it with the pc, this is the only problem i have at the moment,i will try the new monitor with this pc & narrow the problem down.

  Gongoozler 19:10 27 Apr 2007

Be VERY careful if you open up the monitor. As I said, there's about 35,000 volts on the tube, and it can last a long time after you switch off. The spark can jump quite a long way, and although a shock from it is rarely fatal to a healthy person, it can be very unpleasant - and I'm speaking from experience!!!!

  LANDCRUISER 13:14 29 Apr 2007

i have tried opening the monitor can only find two screws is there any more or do you have to prise it open

  Probabilitydrive 13:38 29 Apr 2007

Rather than blaming your monitor.. could it be the graphics card?

It is possible that the graphics card can overheat or have incorrect drivers which in turn will cause a loss of display?
Have you recently installed new graphic card drivers?
If yes, this might be a possible cause.

One final thought, you state the CPU temp is 64 C. Thats high. What CPU model is installed? Intel ideling should run much lower than that.

  LANDCRUISER 16:34 29 Apr 2007

I have amd amd cpu,i have not change any drivers myself but windows does,i let it do this automaticly

  birdface 16:47 29 Apr 2007

If you have had it dissconected recently,Make sure there are no bent wires on plug.

  Gongoozler 17:23 29 Apr 2007

If I summarise the symptoms as I understand them. After the monitor has been switched on for some time, it cuts out and needs to be left for a while before it can switch on again. The computer alone can be left on for any length of time without any ill effects. Therefore I diagnose that this is almost certainly an overheat problem - most others (including drivers) will not have a memory problem and so will allow switching on again immediately. Only the monitor has the memory effect, and so this must be what has overheated.
The effect other than heat that can have the time delay in allowing restarting is charge on a capacitor. This is much less likely, and in any case if my summary of the symptoms is correct then it's still the monitor that has the problem.

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