Monitor Keeps Going Off / PC Stays On

  PaulWiltshire 18:27 01 Apr 2015

My hard drive was making lots of noise and sounded like it was on its way out a few months ago. It was working but then everything used to switch off. It would boot up again but then die after 10 or so minutes. I purchased a new drive and fitted it yesterday. When i booted up everything was fine but then after a few minutes the monitor went off, but the PC was still running? I have tried a many times to turn the PC on again but the same problem persists. I don't think its anything to do with the monitor as when the screen goes off it says signal lost. Could it be the motherboard?? I am no techy so any advice would be grateful :-)

  Forum Editor 18:58 01 Apr 2015

Do you know if your computer is using the graphics chip on the motherboard, or do you have a separate graphics card installed?

Either way, the symptoms you describe are indicating that the monitor is getting nothing from the graphics chip/card. It's just possible that you disconnected a lead when you were fitting your new hard drive, and the advice is always the same - open up the case and check all connections, including the lead that connects your monitor and motherboard.

Turn the computer on with the case side(s) off, and check that all fans are running, particularly the one on the graphics card (if installed).

  lotvic 21:08 01 Apr 2015

Can I add, don't touch anything inside the case with the power on, just look to see if things are working. We don't want to electrocute you :)

  bumpkin 21:23 01 Apr 2015

Not sure from your description but try the easy things first, take the case or side panel off and give it a good clean out, remove the fan from the heatsink and make sure the heatsink is not clogged up with dust.

  Daisy_Michael 15:38 02 Apr 2015

If nothing works from the stuff listed above, try updating the drivers/application software of your graphics card, if any!

  lotvic 12:21 03 Apr 2015

Err.. Daisy_Michael how does OP do that if there is no display other than 'Signal Lost' on the monitor?

  Daisy_Michael 14:00 03 Apr 2015

lotvic, agreed! :) At the same time, his post suggest as if he used to get access of the display (once in a while)!

  bumpkin 14:43 03 Apr 2015

First ever posting, April 1st, no responses??

  lotvic 15:00 03 Apr 2015

It could be a loose connection lead causing the problem. Check all leads and cables are firmly seated. Start with the cable from the graphic card at back of pc to the monitor. Then if problem still persists, switch off, disconnect from electric supply and open up pc and check all internal connections, take out and reseat the memory ram.

bumpkin, you old cynic ;) April 1st indeed, as if :D

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