Monitor keeps going blank

  Jada 14:35 05 Jul 2004

Hello all

I have an AOC LCD monitor. Over the last week it has gone blank three times. It remains blank and I have to physically switch the computer off by the power button and then back on to get the monitor working again.

When the screen is blank the light shows green as if it is still getting a signal. The computer still works, as the cd opens and closes. I do not think it is the monitor, but a computer problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

  johnsims 14:45 05 Jul 2004

Check the power settings. Right click on the desktop, screensaver tab, then click the power button. Any clues there? Set up a new scheme where turn off monitor, turn off hard disks, system standby and hibernate are all set to never. If that cures it, it is likely a problem/fault coming out of some part of sleep mode.

  Graham ® 14:57 05 Jul 2004

Could be the light tube is failing. This shows it in a laptop, but the principle is the same

click here

It may be worth trying another monitor to prove, as a repair will be expensive.

  SEASHANTY 15:06 05 Jul 2004

Check your SVGA cable from PC to monitor. Try
wriggling the lead. It may be a faulty pin connection. My lead has a faulty pin or wire which every so often turns the TFT screen reddish. I have to re-adjust the lead at the PC end. Its either a
bad lead connection to one of the plug pins or a bad soldered connection on the plug. Can't be bothered to find out as I know how to fix it.

  Jada 15:09 05 Jul 2004

Thanks Johnsims

I had the auto 'turn off monitor' set to 2hrs so really that should not have affected it as all times the problem has occurred I have used the computer in the previous minutes. But I have turned it off anyhow.

Thanks again

  Jada 15:11 05 Jul 2004

Thanks Graham

Not the light tube as when I pressed auto screen on the monitor that still came up bright and clear.

Thanks anyhow

  Some-Guy 15:13 05 Jul 2004

Maybe graphic drivers? I used to have a problem similiar to this where the monitor goes on standby and i have to restart the pc to get it back. Try get the latest Graphic drivers and see if the problem is still there.

  Jada 15:13 05 Jul 2004

Thanks Seashanty

I will try that, obviously as it is an intermittent problem I will not be able to tell if any of these solutions have worked for at least a week. Just keep my fingers crossed.

Many thanks anyhow

  TommyRed 16:03 05 Jul 2004

I have a 15" TFT that was having a problem, after 3 or 4 hours on half the screen would go silver and if the cursor was in this area it wouldn't function. Turning the monitor off and on with the power button would resolve it until the next time. The techies asked me to go into the BIOS, not actually do anything but see if it happened there it did so monitor, which was still under guarantee, back to Medion who replaced it. Going into the BIOS ruled out a Windows problem. Perhaps you could do similar. HTH TR

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