Monitor input on Graphics card is different

  Lazzer 23:23 19 Sep 2005

hi i have bought a matrox millenium pci gfx card and when i looked at the monitor input on it, i noticed that it is different from the standard one, i have seen this before on cards with the other input too, is there some sort of converter for it, and can anyone actually tell me what it is for? a breif description of it is, its about an inch long and grey in colour with loads of square holes, any help is appreciated thanks :D

  GaT7 23:31 19 Sep 2005

If it's a DVI connector, then a DVI to VGA connector may do click here. G

  Lazzer 23:37 19 Sep 2005
  Lazzer 23:38 19 Sep 2005

the above is a pic of the card and the fitting, i looked at the link crossbow and im not sure what the male and female connectors are, if ud have a look for me id appreciate it, thanks

  GaT7 23:42 19 Sep 2005

Then this may do click here. G

  GaT7 23:45 19 Sep 2005

Count the holes. If it's 60, then it's most probably the one in my 2nd link. But that's so expensive, isn't it?! G

  Lazzer 00:06 20 Sep 2005

thats a joke hahaha 30 pound inc vat for the lead ive been on ebay and spent a fiver on a matrox pci card with a vga slot thatll do the trick, thanks for your help :D at least i know what the other input is for now :D

  DieSse 01:23 20 Sep 2005

First - monitor connections are outputs, not inputs.

Second, the connector is a Matrox "special" to feed two monitors from a single socket. (hence the form of the adapter cable)

Just don't ask why they did it this way - cos' I haven't a clue.

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