monitor help

  audigy 02:51 24 Dec 2005

i am looking to buy a new 21to 24" tft monitor
choosing one has been quiet difficult bcos of not knowing what do the specs means,wheter they be good or not
some monitors have two kinds of resolution then theres widescreen aspect ratio,help and advice needed
thnk you

  GaT7 17:58 24 Dec 2005

This thread may be better off in the Consumerwatch forum with a title like 'Which 21-24" TFT monitor?'

Anyway, to get you started there's some good info at click here. CRT monitors are also mentioned to give a more balanced perspective.

What are you going to use the monitor for, & what's your budget?

If you have a few models in mind, post the links here & some of the monitor boffins may be able to suggest which ones may suit you best.

Here's a list of TFTs, 21" & above (sorted by ascending prices)
click here.

I may not contribute any more to this thread (I'd probably consider a 21-24" TFT sometime in 2020!), but this post will shunt you up the list & hopefully elicit some informed responses. Good luck with the eventual choice & purchase : ) G

  PC Bilbo 18:09 24 Dec 2005

There is no industry standard benchmark adhered to by all manufacturers so you cannot rely on a bald statement of xxms response time.

A lot will depend on we

  PC Bilbo 18:19 24 Dec 2005

here is no industry standard so different response times may be using different benchmarks for example.

Try here for more info click here

  PC Bilbo 18:22 24 Dec 2005

Sorry wrong link try this

click here

  audigy 08:07 26 Dec 2005

well i had two monitors in mind the first being
dell 24"but in tomshardware they gave the thums down
when it came to watching dvds,cos it makes too much noise, in other forums there were complain about the noises when brightness increased,but some have faced no prolems,it maybe some of them were faulty,if anyone has used or using this monitor would appreciate if tell what experince they had with this,the second monitor was samsung syncmaster 214t
it seems there are no reviews availale for this,if i am correct,budget would e around 600-700 pounds

  GaT7 21:48 26 Dec 2005

Samsung 214T review
click here. In a user review I read the stand cannot be adjusted vertically.

Samsung 214T - cheapest purchase links (I could find):
* £594 (with free del option)click here
* £605 (incl del)click here
* £606 (incl del)click here


  audigy 22:28 31 Dec 2005

sry for the late reply
wanted to know also about the noises and baclight issues of dell 2405 from those who r using that monitor

  Les 03:21 01 Jan 2006

Have a look at Evesham - they have 30" Monitors which also double as a TV. I am using one at this moment and I don't regret buying it at all! (Bought last May)

  audigy 16:46 02 Jan 2006

came across these monitors
samsung 213t,viewsonic 201b,viewsonic 2030b,viewsonic
211,viewsonic 2130b,viewsonic 231wb,
in ur opinins guys which will be the best out of all of them. for some i cannot find any reviews yet

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