Monitor has white line in centre

  wester john 10:14 27 Aug 2007

Suddenly this morning my Diamond Pro 930SB monitor screen was reduced to a white horizontal line. I had just finished copying a document using my scanner when this happened. Recently the monitor has been flickering a bit. Does this mean it is on the way out? It is about 3½ years old and I use it mostly every day for some hours each day.

  SANTOS7 10:24 27 Aug 2007

Could try updating VGA drivers first....

  johnnyrocker 10:52 27 Aug 2007

as you say it has been flickering a bit i would tend to think that the problem will lie in the frame circuit of the monitor and the cause is likely to be dry solder joints unless it has progressed to acual component failure, tapping around pc is probably likely to produce a response or maybe even full scan for a while.


  daba 10:53 27 Aug 2007

Sounds like the vertical scan circuit has died.

To test - switch it off, disconnect the signal cable, and then switch back on, it should display a "no signal" warning, if it does, proceed. If it doesn't (white line), then it looks as though it's dead.

Check the connecting cable is secure at both ends

Try it on another PC.

If it looks as though it has died, a decent television repairer should be able to sort it, after all, that's all it is really - same technology, although the cost of repair, combined with the age of the monitor, should be considered - suggest you invest in a new lcd monitor

  daba 10:57 27 Aug 2007

"tapping around pc is probably likely to produce a response "

tapping around the PC ? why ?

did you mean:-

tapping aroung the PCB of the monitor ! DON'T DO IT. There are very high, and very dangerous, voltages inside a monitor......

  johnnyrocker 11:00 27 Aug 2007

oops! typo lol i meant the monitor (unless very knowleadgeable not the main board) the old fashioned thump on side of monitor has amazing powers sometimes (pc is also short for printed circuit)


  wester john 15:49 27 Aug 2007

Thanks, one and all. I got it working again after switching off and on a couple of times. I'll try upgrading the VGA and check all connections. I'll get my son to help me too!

  Stuartli 16:36 27 Aug 2007

I wouldn't bang the monitor around too much if it's a Diamondtron/Trinitron type model.

  woodchip 17:07 27 Aug 2007

This is a Crt Monitor and not worth mending the Field module as Collapsed in the Monitor

  gardener 17:08 27 Aug 2007

I have the same monitor and had the same problem. If it's still under warranty Mitsubishi will fix it, their after-sales is superb in my experience, had mine picked up, repaired and brought back in 2 days.

  amonra 17:13 27 Aug 2007

It's a fault in the frame timebase, usually a dry joint on the board. If you've got a friendly TV repair shop near you, they may do it if you ask nicely.

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