Monitor has a life of its own. Screen size changes

  BlitZace 23:58 09 Jun 2003

This has been driving me crazy for a few days now and I can't seem to solve the problem. I have an 'Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454' 19" Monitor which I bought new from Dabs 3-4 weeks ago. It seems to work fine however I have noticed some very strange and frustrating occurrences. Everytime I boot up my machine the screen borders on either side seem to keep changing, and on every boot up they're never the same. I have tried to install drivers for the monitor which I downloaded from the Iiyama site. I installed these and it didn't make any difference. The one thing I did notice is that when the screen borders do change the driver also changes? From using the Iiyama driver it changes to 'Default Monitor' and this is when the borders become much smaller. Before I installed the Iiyama driver it would change from 'Plug and Play' to 'Default Monitor' also.

I found that by changing the refresh rate and resetting it back again it goes back to how it's supposed to be. The monitor is running at 1280x1024 at 85hz refresh rate, although it can go upto 120hz at this resolution.
It's really driving me mad, as each and everytime I boot up the machine the screen size is different. I e-mailed Dabs about the problem and they replied saying to ring a number as it has an onsite warranty. I'd rather not do this and simply just get it sorted myself.

I could really do with a hand to get this sorted, before I go making calls to this number. Thanks in advance for any help with my situation - JT

  wossie 00:23 10 Jun 2003

I had this also and my refresh rate would change to 60Hz also. Right click desktop, properties, settings, I can see "Dell P991 on GeForce Nvidia GeForce4 Ti4400" click on the drop down menu and you see default monitor on GeForce etc. Disable the default monitor by unticking "exists in all hardware" I am 99.9% sure this is the cure, it is so long since I came across it. Let me know if it cures it. Wossie.

  BlitZace 00:33 10 Jun 2003

I forgot to mention I have a Radeon 9800 Pro GFX Card. Also using Windows XP Pro. I can't seem to find what you're talking about, but thanks for the advice. It's currently using 'Default Monitor' but I can almost guarantee that when I restart my system it will change to the Iiyama driver or 'Plug and Play' Monitor. - JT

  BlitZace 00:39 10 Jun 2003

As I thought. It has just changed to the Iiyama driver on restarting my system. I'm having a hard time understanding why it is doing this. I have the monitor perfectly displayed and calibrated using this driver. When it changes to 'Default Monitor' the screen looks an absolute mess. Is there any simple solution as to why this is happening? - JT

  BlitZace 00:51 10 Jun 2003

Please don't let this deter you from the main problem, but I've noticed that my monitor seems to severely interfere with my TV picture. I think it causes problems with the aerial, as the picture has white bands all down the TV. Is this normal for a monitor to do such a thing? - JT

  Dr. Charles 02:54 10 Jun 2003

I`m not sure what you are doing here. Are you running a TV card within your PC or is this TV within range of your PC?

I think you should try what wossie said and right click on your desktop with your mouse and follow those instructions. You are in a state!!!Come back if you are still stuck



  BlitZace 17:36 10 Jun 2003

Still no luck in fixing this problem. Tried almost everything I can think of. It seems to always reset back to 'Default Monitor' when the PC is turned off for long periods of time. Anyone have any other suggestions? - JT

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