Monitor has failed

  Nixx 16:53 19 Dec 2009

Ok, bout a week ago my second monitor failed, no ammount of resetting the graphics card (8800 gtx) seemed to make any difference. I disabled the second monitor then re-enabled,the screen came on at about half brightness for a couple of seconds then faded to black. Switching the monitor off then on again gives the same result of half bright then fading. The monitor is connected via the dsub connection and the main monitor runs normal. this morning my son came to me saying that his monitor was exhibiting the same problems except that it is his only monitor so adjustments are quite difficult as he can't see what he is doing. anyone got any ideas please.

  Graphicool1 17:19 19 Dec 2009

At first read it sounds like a power problem.
What are the PC's running like, are they slow? Have they been reformatted lately?

  Nixx 16:24 20 Dec 2009

nothing out of the ordinary has happened to either machine

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:53 20 Dec 2009

to prove wether monitor r PC swap monitor on to a known good machine (or your main out put)

  Eric10 17:13 20 Dec 2009

Assuming that these are TFT (flat screen) monitors then this is usually a sympton of a failed inverter. Another test is to shine a torch across the screen at an obleque angle and see if you can make out a faint image of what should be on the screen. Although this type of fault can sometimes be repaired it isn't worth it unless it is a particularly expensive monitor.

  Nixx 15:24 23 Dec 2009

Thanx for all suggestions, I reckon a voltage spike took out monitors. Replacement units have cured the problem. Now where can I get some surge protectors. you don't have to answer that, I'm closing the thread.

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