monitor gone bye byes!

  LivEviL 18:16 04 Dec 2005

by monitor is working fine and under device manager is says its working perfectly! BUT its not in my settinngs! My display settings dont have the tabs anymore i cant get those back but if i change the theme they come back for about 2 mins! then go! also i keep getting this message

Asusdvd2000 does not support the current display mode

DDraw overlay mode is the recommended mode. To restore it, please:
1.close other video applications that are using DDraw resources, or
2. Lower the screen resolution,color depth, and/or refresh rate, or
3.Update to the latest Microsoft DirectX Runtime and to the latest Display Driver."

when i try and play dvds! HELP!

  LivEviL 18:18 04 Dec 2005

also my NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 graphics card has a yellow circle with a "!" in it and says it cannot start! what do i do?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:31 04 Dec 2005

my NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 graphics card has a yellow circle with a "!" in it and says it cannot start! what do i do?

what code number does it give?

  LivEviL 18:39 04 Dec 2005

erm i think it was ten! but i think i may have sorted it out i upgraded the driver and i upgraded the driver for my monitor then disabled my monitor then enabled it just gonna restart and see if it stays the same or goes back.........

  phono 18:42 04 Dec 2005

Have you tried installing the latest graphics card drivers?

There is a program available that will allow you to remove all traces of old nVidia drivers thus allowing for a clean install and removal of any corrupt registry entries that may be causing problems, it's called Detonator Destroyer, see click here .

Run this and then install the latest drivers for your card from the nVidia site.

  LivEviL 18:46 04 Dec 2005

right iv restarted and its gone back to the graphics card having the "!" again it is code 10 it comes up with

phono ill give that a try

any more suggestions from anyone?

  LivEviL 22:25 04 Dec 2005

i tried thats dd.exe thing u gave me the link for but that said that i was on the wrong platform!?!? does anyone have any ideas?
my DVDs arnt working coz of it i think :-S

  LivEviL 22:42 04 Dec 2005

ok iv also lost the monitor icon in the decive manager when i go on add new hardware it doesnt have the monitor in the options whats going wrong with my pc!!!

  phono 02:13 05 Dec 2005

Do you have the Mobo chipset drivers installed?

  LivEviL 08:16 05 Dec 2005

i think so its a microsoft corp one! i pressed update driver and it gave me an option of 4-two were v4.2 summin another was v5.summin(and said microsoft corp by it) and the other was v8 summin i clicked on v8 and it done nothing so i went back and installed 5-it then asked me to put the xp disc in and then it worked but i have a feeling that when i restart it will go back to haveing a problem again!

  phono 09:21 05 Dec 2005

What is the make and model of your motherboard? If it has a VIA chipset, for instance, it is best to install the drivers supplied by VIA on their website, XP does have drivers included but they are usually not as good, at least that seems to be the case with VIA chipsets anyway.

Come back with more details about your Mobo and hopefully we can steer you towards the correct drivers as they will also have an effect on how your AGP graphics card works as well.

In other words, install mobo chipset drivers, reboot and install video card drivers.

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