Monitor goes straight to power save

  Saintsman 15:55 06 Jul 2008

When the PC is switched on the monitor goes almost immediately into power save and therefore I can't see anything. This is before the operating system runs up (XP). Hitting any key or pressing the mouse button does not bring it back out of power save.

As I can't see anything on screen, I can't check anything.

Any suggestions appreciated.

  rawprawn 17:07 06 Jul 2008

Try in Safe mode

  grey george 17:29 06 Jul 2008

Sounds like the pc is not booting or the video card is not starting. Does it give the post beep as normal? Does the hdd light carry on flickering as if the os is installing? Check all the connections, pop the case open & check the graphics card is seated properly.

  Technotiger 17:45 06 Jul 2008

As rawprawn - then, if/when in safe mode, check your Power Options in Control Panel.

  Saintsman 17:56 06 Jul 2008

Thanks for the replies.

I have replaced the graphic card with no sucess.

How do I start the PC in safe mode? Remember that I cannot see anything on screen so it is difficult to select things.

  rawprawn 19:15 06 Jul 2008

Good point, I don't know if it will work but turn your machine on and at the same tim keep tapping F8
Can you borrow a monitor?

  rawprawn 19:32 06 Jul 2008

Also as grey george says check that the graphics card is seated properly.

  grey george 19:38 06 Jul 2008

When you say replaced graphics card do you mean reseated the original or a different card? Does the card have any other out puts s-video or tv? Do you think the machine is running and only the display is blank? Are all the fans switching on the cpu, graphics card ect?

  rawprawn 08:26 07 Jul 2008

Did you try safe mode,and if that didn't work can you try another monitor ?

  ambra4 13:30 07 Jul 2008

Reseat the memory chips, if more that one tries then one at a time

  Ozy 15:54 07 Jul 2008

get your torch look for a tiny bulb on the motherboard,does it light up when you press the power button? ( not all M /B have this bulb )
if it does light, it could be a piece of faulty hardware, graphics card, memory,sound card , modem
take them all out, disconect all drives,leave only the processor,
press power button, if it powers up, put one thing back at a time,till it wont power up,
if it does not power up with everything removed
you could have a failed processor,
i say this as i have had the same result as you
when i tested a processor,dead computer,
i put back the old processor computer is fine
all this of coarce after you have tried another monitor and its cable

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