Monitor goes pink ...

  Chris69 16:48 24 Mar 2007

Normally my monitor continues to work fine - but from time to time (and it seems to be happening more and more often) without warning ths screen takes on a vivid pink hue. Everything's still on the screen, but tinged pink.

Whilst it makes a nice change to the "blue screen of death" I guess it's a foretaste of a more permanent failure in future.

Is it likely to be my monitor (a Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 92 - about 6 years old now) or something else (like the graphics card ?).

Sometimes it just corrects itself after a while - in fact has just done so as I type - sometimes not. Sometimes a restart fixes it - sometimes not.

Any ideas welcome !

Thansk folks


  Fingees 17:14 24 Mar 2007

Check connecting lead at both ends.

Unless you are using integratd video on the motherboard, try unpluging video card from motherboard and replacing.
This may clean any corroded conections,

It may help.

  Diversion 17:53 24 Mar 2007

Mine was doing exactly the same thing, as Fingees says above remove the graphics card and re-insert it; it cured mine.

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