Monitor Flicker whilst surfing

  Chegs ® 10:49 31 Aug 2005

I have had this problem intermittently for some time,but lately its gotten much worse.I have swapped drivers,NEC to Default monitor,altered the refresh rate,altered the resolution and still the darn thing flickers and freezes,and on occasion crashes and restarts the PC.I thought it might be heat related,but nothing is remotely hot(GC/RAM/CPU)The flickering does NOT occur at all if I'm using Linux,so its something in XP.

I have videoed its misbehaviour(Philips Webcam)and uploaded this onto my site.Its just under 4Mbs size,for approx a minutes worth of video.The webcams video is quite poor,but you can see the screen going off-on-off whilst a browser page is onscreen,and how it steadys up when I close the browser window.
click here

  Stuartli 13:50 31 Aug 2005

Monitors don't have drivers, they use graphics cards' configuration and output.

Have you checked Display Properties (right click on Desktop and then click on Properties)?

From the Settings tab>Advanced button>List All Modes you will get a menu of all the refresh rates, colour and resolutions your monitor will support.

Pick the one that suits you in combinatin with a refresh rate of 85MHz, which will ensure that flickering won't prove a problem.

  Chegs ® 14:14 31 Aug 2005

If you take a look at the video from my link,you will see that its the visible screen switching on then off then on,as it does this,the screen freezes momentarily.It tends to only do this whilst a browser window is open,if I minimise the browser the screen ceases misbehaving.

I have recorded several other flickerings,these are here click here click here

All are under 4Mbs in size,but the biggest hassle was due to the changes in lighting,the webcam was rather slow adjusting to the differences.

I will recover my digicam from "out on loan" and record the monitors misbehaviour with that,convert it to WMV format and upload that to my site later.Then you'll see exactly what the trouble is.

  Chegs ® 14:42 31 Aug 2005

Meanwhile,I have changed the resolution to 1600x1200,and the refresh rate is now 75Hz.This seems to have almost completely cured the problem,certainly in the few minutes since I rebooted(and changed to the Default Monitor in Device Mgr)the screen hasn't flickered/wobbled/went off-on-off as it has been all the rest of today.

  Chegs ® 18:21 31 Aug 2005

Several hours later,and its still doing it but nothing like as bad as it was this morning.At this resolution,the problem is bearable but having started this thread it would be a shame to close it as unresolved.

  Chegs ® 21:03 31 Aug 2005


  Stuartli 21:18 31 Aug 2005

I've just opened your first link which has taken up two-thirds of my total downloading for the whole of today so far.

Nothing comes up.

  Chegs ® 01:21 01 Sep 2005

3.77Mbs is two thirds of your total downloading ?

I fail to see how that info might assist me rectifying my problem. :-)

As to "nothing comes up" the file plays on any WMP version,I used 98se to create the video file,converted it from AVI to WMV with JetAudio on my PC(thru network)and then uploaded it to my site.

  rubella 01:28 01 Sep 2005

I don’t have the solution, but I downloaded the first one ok.

  wee eddie 07:14 01 Sep 2005

You had it set at a "Refresh Rate" that it could not successfully support at the Resolution you required it to work.

Most monitors have an "Optimum" and will work within similar parameters - It is possible that if you push it too far from that, that this is the result.

  Chegs ® 13:57 01 Sep 2005

Refresh Rate" that it could not successfully support

I had it set at [email protected] now running at [email protected],much higher.I have tried it at most resolutions,[email protected] was worse flickering than 1280x1024.

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