Monitor flashing pinkish

  eskimo7 12:32 13 Sep 2006

Hi All

My Monitor has started to get flashing pinkish lines and going a pinkish colour several times a day, it is a 19inch Acer AL1913, could it be graphics or monitor related?

cheers, eskimo

  johnnyrocker 12:34 13 Sep 2006

my bet is a dry joint on crt base in the green channel but to cover all bases start with re seating graphics card.


  eskimo7 12:45 13 Sep 2006

thhanks for the reply

Have reseated the graphics card, but still the same problem (what is dry joint)?


  amonra 13:26 13 Sep 2006

Unless you are fairly familiar with the inards of a CRT monitor then i would not recommend you try opening the case to look for dry joints (poor connections). If you have a knowledgeable friend or TV repair man it shouldn't be a big fault to find. At the going rate of about £30 to £40 an hour, then a new one might be cheaper ?Good luck.

  amonra 13:27 13 Sep 2006

PS. An afterthought, try giving the case a good thump, sometimes works wonders !

  Fingees 13:38 13 Sep 2006

It may also be a dodgey connection on the cable.

Try wiggling it where it enters the monitor, and where it connects to your computer.

Sometimes the pins corrode up a bit so you can try replugging at each end to clean the pins.

  eskimo7 15:47 13 Sep 2006

Hi all

sorry about the mix up, and me thinking everyone is telepathic, it is a LCD monitor not crt, if that helps at all.

cheers, eskimo

  Gongoozler 15:49 13 Sep 2006

My monitor cable suffers from this sort of effect quite frequently as a result the computer compressing the cable against the wall. This has crushed the cable causing damage to the conductors inside. As the cable is captive in the monitor I can't change it easily, so I just have to wiggle it about occasionally to get the colours back.
If your monitor is the cause of the problem, then as others have said, they aren't economically repairable.

  eskimo7 03:08 14 Sep 2006

Thanks for all your help

Seems to be ok now, think the cable was being crushed against a wall

cheers, eskimo

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