monitor flashes pitch black screen

  phillyw 16:27 19 Dec 2004

Can anyone help with my problem,monitor screen will just flash to a pitch black screen.This lasts for usually less than a second but a few times slightly longer.This seems to occur randomly,other times it doesn't occur at all.Although not a dire problem it is disconcerting.Does it sound like i need a new monitor,any help greatly appreciated.By the way please keep it simple i'm not converse in computer innards,thanks.

  Graham ® 16:39 19 Dec 2004

What type of monitor is it? CRT (TV type) or TFT (thin type)?

  phillyw 16:44 19 Dec 2004

Hi's a CRT and a few years old now and my two sons have the habit of switching it on and off quite a few times dury a day,thats why i suspect it's on it's way out,but i'm no expert.

  Graham ® 16:58 19 Dec 2004

Apart from waggling the leads to reveal a loose connection (including the mains), does it make any noise when it does this?

  phillyw 17:20 19 Dec 2004

No noise at all,only stange noise i get is when i switch PC off i get two loud bangs from speakers,but don't think this has anything to do with screen.

  Graham ® 17:25 19 Dec 2004

I think your sons should surprise you with a new TFT for Christmas!

  phillyw 17:26 19 Dec 2004

Just tried waggling leads again,both ends,no effect.Screen hasn't flashed for last half hour or so, it just seems so random,strange or what?

  phillyw 17:31 19 Dec 2004

Methinks i'll take your advice Graham and invest in a new monitor,thanks for your time and a Merry Xmas to you and yours. I'll wait a few minutes then press Resolved, Cheers.

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