Monitor fault

  the hick 13:47 09 Jan 2007

On my 17" TFT screen, it has developed the same fault 3 times in one year, a pink tinge to pictures and black band down one side of screen, as if the image is moved over to right. Each time, the maker has replaced it, under 3-year warranty. But, could it be a motherboard or graphics card fault causing this, or something else in the PC? I find it odd to have the same fault occuring 3 times. Any help much appreciated.

  BRYNIT 13:50 09 Jan 2007

Have you tried the Monitor on another computer.

  woodchip 13:51 09 Jan 2007

If a new Monitor as Corrected the Problem before that is your answer. I would be asking for a change or refund to a more reliable Monitor

  jack 14:23 09 Jan 2007

In old CRT monitors a strong magnetic source [Hi Fi speaker for example] near one side or another could distort colours.
Whether this type of influence can affect a LCD monitor I would not know, but is is certainly worth swapping stuff around to see if an external influence is at work here

  the hick 14:26 09 Jan 2007

After the screen had gone faulty, I tried it on another PC, it displayed the same fault. I get the impression, that a fault in the PC it was used with has caused the screen fault, but dont know why. I have spoken to several folks about this, but none know any reason for it.

  the hick 10:11 21 Jan 2007

Is there any possibility that this has been damaged in some way by being transported horizontally? Had several 4-hour trips to college, lying flat on car-seat. I have since noticed an 'upright' arrow on the box, but I dont know if this is a 'must do'. I do know that plasma TVs have to be kept upright, but monitors are TFT, and different. Any views much appreciated.

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