On a Monitor is a DVI connection similar to HDMI?

  [email protected] 14:17 22 Aug 2009

I am looking at a monitor that has a DVI connection. I have a new PC which has a graphics card with HDMI/DVI connection.
Is it more or less the same thing or would a monitor with a straight HDMI connector be better? Thanks!

  GaT7 14:26 22 Aug 2009

Depends what your purpose is.

Read this click here - applies to monitors as well.

Recent related PCA forum post click here. G

  [email protected] 14:31 22 Aug 2009

The purpose is a monitor for a PC for school work (and my daughter will watch you tube on it). No gaming issues really. Tx for links will follow them.

  [email protected] 14:33 22 Aug 2009

PS Unlikely to watch many DVDs on it and not playing Blu rays on it.

  GaT7 14:37 22 Aug 2009

DVI is the one to use in that case, unless you need the sound to be carried via HDMI. G

  [email protected] 14:39 22 Aug 2009

The monitor doesn't have speakers and i have seperate ones so I'm presuming not! :)

  GaT7 14:50 22 Aug 2009

DVI it is then. The lack of monitor speakers, & dependence on them for sound, negates the need for HDMI.

With HDMI cables so cheap nowadays (don't need to pay more than £2-3 for one btw), you can still try it out to see what it looks like, or just to satisfy your curiosity perhaps :-). G

  woodchip 14:53 22 Aug 2009

DVI picture on the right at the top click here

HDMI click here

  [email protected] 14:59 22 Aug 2009

TX all, I just bought the DVI one, it has very good ratings and isn't a bad price. As I said, it is a homework pc and will be in an unused bedroom so not for watching films etc!
One thing though- what did you mean about trying out the HDMI cable anyway? The monitor is DVI not HDMi?
Tx again!

  [email protected] 15:00 22 Aug 2009

PS It's amazing that I made a decision at all, have been thinking about it since I got the PC in July!!

  GaT7 15:31 22 Aug 2009

Sorry, I meant a DVI-HDMI cable - like this click here.

The DVI end connects to your monitor, while the HDMI directly to your graphics card's HDMI port .G

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