Monitor Driver + Screen changes on every boot up!

  BlitZace 11:15 13 Jun 2003

I recently posted about this problem a few days ago, and unfortunately didn't recieve much advice and no solution to the problem. The problem that I am having is that every single time I boot up my system the monitor driver keeps on changing. When this happens the screen shrinks to 1/3 it's size and the refresh rate seems to drop to 60. This happens without fail every other time I restart the machine.

It's an Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 19" Monitor using a Radeon 9800 Pro Graphics Card. It seems to change to 'Default Monitor' from the driver I installed off of the Iiyama website (HM903DTA). I have tried un-installing the 'Default Monitor' driver and it still keeps on happening. Infact... when I did this there was no monitor driver loaded at all! I used to have the 'Plug and Play' monitor driver, but the same thing happened. It's really driving me crazy as I have to keep restarting my machine when the monitor isn't using the correct driver. I wonder whether the actual monitor itself is at fault, or whether it's a driver problem?

I could really do with some help in this matter, as I have tried everything I can possibly think of, and am totally exhausted of ideas. - JT

  BlitZace 12:59 13 Jun 2003

Any ideas people? :(

  Djohn 14:58 13 Jun 2003

Sorry, but I don't have the answer to this problem. The only common factor to everything you've tried so far is, it always defaults to 60Hz. I think this is the refresh rate for VGA, or safe mode.

Have you tried setting the monitor to the resolution you wish to have, and setting the graphics card to optimal? Sorry I can't be of more help, but feel sure someone will have the answer. Good luck. j.

  ton 15:37 13 Jun 2003

I found this on a website - second part might be useful.

Display Driver Problems:
Most display driver problems have nothing to do with the monitor, unless the screen shows an image that looks like it lacks horizontal sync, possibly showing several fractured copies of your mouse pointer, dialog boxes and the windows desktop in a nearly illegible display. In this case, you need to restart in safe mode (see above), and using the Display adapter's Advanced settings, set the refresh rate to a low value -- say, 60Hz.

More commonly, a display driver problem is caused by an IRQ conflict or other issue that may be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the display driver. First, uninstall the old drivers. There should be an entry in the Add/Remove control panel, or in a worst-case scenario, just open the System control panel's Device Manager, look for the adapter setting under Display Adapters (which will probably have a big yellow error icon next to it), delete it, and then restart. Ideally, you should have downloaded the manufacturer's latest drivers for your specific graphics card and have them already present on your system at this point. (uninstall the drivers in safe mode)

  BlitZace 18:02 13 Jun 2003

Thanks for the info guys! I have just noticed after reading about the IRQ settings above that my Radeon 9800 Pro is using IRQ 19 but is also shared. Is this correct? As in Sandra I've noticed that it mentions about this not being right. Could this be causing an IRQ conflict and how would I resolve this?

If it's any use I also noticed that my Creative Game Port on Creative Audigy 2 soundcard doesn't seem to be working. Saying it cannot find enough resources to use - JT

  Jester2K II 18:13 13 Jun 2003

Are you running Windows XP??

If so then i had this with my Iiyama VM 411 Pro. When i used the latest driver from Iiyama it kept defualting to Default Monitor.

Now i can't remember exactly how i fixed this but i either forced it to use the correct driver by choosing it from the list when installing,

or went back to the previous (older) driver set.

  Jester2K II 18:20 13 Jun 2003

In fact just tried to upgrade my drivers with the newest drivers and it tried to install Default Monitor!!

If you want the older drivers click the envelope next to my name! HM903 is supported... 276 kb Zip File, unzip to a new folder, update drivers and point at this folder.

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