Monitor display has gone pink!

  Alf58 13:49 02 Aug 2007

I switched on my computer today and found my monitor display has gone pink! The monitor is a CRT about four years old. Can anyone advise as to wether or not the monitor has malfunctioned or is it the video card?

  Clapton is God 13:54 02 Aug 2007

Probably the card

  robert01 13:54 02 Aug 2007

If you can get hold of another pc or laptop then connect it up to that. If it is still pink then then monitor is bust - if it isn't then it will be the graphics card.

  wee eddie 15:22 02 Aug 2007

Kaput is the usual diagnosis.

Do not fiddle about with the innards. There are capacitors there which store considerable voltages, for a long time (several days) after the plug has been pulled.

  Stuartli 15:27 02 Aug 2007

Apparently some people are having problems of this nature with nVidia high number model graphics cards and the latest drivers (especially Vista).

  keef66 15:41 02 Aug 2007

try jiggling about the connectors at both ends of the monitor lead, ie where it enters the pc and where it enters the monitor. Sometimes they come loose and you lose a colour or two.

  Alf58 00:23 03 Aug 2007

Monitor is dead. I tried it with my laptop and it was still pink. I've purchased a HP vs17e TFT monitor. Anyone know where I can find out its response time? It does not say on any of the documentation. All it says is "Fast response time for improved video and gaming. Just wondering what the number is? Is there a database somewhere of the response times of all TFTs ever manufactured? Hmmm that would be ridiculous wouldnt it? Guess I'm being silly.

  ambra4 07:10 03 Aug 2007

It's 8 ms

Check this site

click here

  Gongoozler 10:18 03 Aug 2007

I have had this problem of the monitor display looking pink (magenta), an found it was caused by the video cable having been damaged by being crushed against the wall. Have you tried a different cable?

  Alf58 12:49 03 Aug 2007

Cant try a different cable because it is fixed to the monitor at one end. I'll be taking it to the recycle yard.

  Alf58 12:52 03 Aug 2007

Ambra4 thank you for the link. Extremely useful.

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