Monitor display gone wrong

  Dae 16:42 08 Apr 2004

The only thing that my CRT monitor will display is a thin vertical bar, 2cm wide, down the centre of the screen. It was ok when turned off yesterday, faulty when turned on today.

What can be done to isolate the cause of this fault?

On bootup, I get one short beep.

Could I connect another monitor I have, a ViewSonic VP191b TFT, without harming anything and without driver problems, to see if it is a monitor fault?

The faulty setup is an Iiyama VisionMaster Pro 17 CRT monitor, fed from an ATI 3D Rage Pro Expert-at-Work video card: Win95 PII 226, on an Asus motherboard labelled P2L97, with an FW82371AB chip (a setup which works well enough for certain undemanding tasks I have).


  mrdsgs 16:51 08 Apr 2004


just switch everything off, connect the tft, switch on the tft, then power up the pc.

all should then be fine if the problem is the crt, if still no picture, its your pc/graphics card.

Do your hear fans and hard drive activity at present when you switch on?


  mrdsgs 16:52 08 Apr 2004

i should have added, check for loose monitor cable first


  Dae 16:59 08 Apr 2004


Yes, I can see and hear all fans working, and hear hard disk activity. I have also re-seated the video card and checked cable connections.

I wil try substituting the screen next.

Thank you for your interest.


  mrdsgs 17:03 08 Apr 2004

let us know of any progress

good luck


  Dae 17:23 08 Apr 2004

Pushing the Menu button on the monitor, crx1600, does nothing other than change the colours and patterns in that 2mm wide central vertical band. The + and - buttons have no effect.

Just noticed my original post said it was a 2cm wide band: that was wrong, it is 2mm wide.


  mrdsgs 18:48 08 Apr 2004

try a different monitor, and also try same monitor ona different pc and post back


  Dae 21:25 08 Apr 2004


I have now tried replacing the CRT monitor with a known good TFT screen (but kept the CRT original connecting lead).

A perfect picture showed up on the TFT screen. I conclude I have a faulty CRT monitor. Final proof would be if the TFT screen did not work on a known good computer, but the monitor is heavy and I do not fancy moving it just yet.

Thanks for your encouragement: I have not had to swap CRT monitors/TFT screens before, and did not know what to expect.



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