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  leedsafc 12:44 17 May 2005

Any answers to this: Just built a system using second hand duron, New PC chips motherboard second hand crt monitor new radeon graphics card. On boot up the monitor light shows yellow standby mode and does not fire up. I then have to switch off the pc at the mains and reboot, it then fires up as normal. Another quirk is the power light on the PC does not always illuminate green when this occurs the monitor does not come on. Is this related. I suspect that it may be a duff motherboard as i have tested the monitor and this is okay as is the graphics card.

  DieSse 13:19 17 May 2005

"Another quirk is the power light on the PC does not always illuminate green when this occurs the monitor does not come on. Is this related"

Yes they're related - if the system does not fire up then the monitor won't come on.

So your problem is the system won't fire up first time - commonest cause of this is the PSU, but it might also be the motherboard.

Check in the BIOS for the motherboard for the settings on the actions of the power switch.

Also double check that you've wired up the reset switch and power on switch to the motherboard correctly.

  gudgulf 13:47 17 May 2005

If it's a PC Chips motherboard I would be suspecting that first.However it is worth checking that all the conections to the motherboard.....main ATX connector/IDE ribbons and in particular the on/off switch connections are all fully secure.Try reloading the BIOS default settings and if you can try another power supply.If you used a case with a known,previously working psu then it is probably not that.

Perhaps I should add that the reason I don't particularly trust PC Chips motherboards is the almost unbelievable specification they offer at ridiculously low get what you pay for by and large.I suspect that quality control and parts quality are not the best in the world(sic)which makes for uncertain reliability IMHO.

  leedsafc 13:48 17 May 2005

Thanks DieSse
The system does power up but does not fire the monitor from standby mode unless i switch off at the mains and reboot. sorry to be a bit vague but should i perhaps change the PSU

  leedsafc 14:23 17 May 2005

Hi gudgulf
I had a vague idea that the motherboard may be faulty as i cannot get a connection from the inboard LAN. As you suggest "you gets wot you pay for" and i guess i was being overgenerous in eliminating the MB from my lisy of suspects!

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