Monitor dislpay unstable

  lemon2 11:06 25 May 2004

Just lately my monitor display has become unstable, it's best described as if it's Degaussing every minute or so. And every now again, the whole display "shakes and disappears. Periodically, it also develops a "pincushion" and won't respond to the on-screen controls. The only, albeit temporary, solution has been to shut down, wait 15 minutes, and then cold boot. However, in doing so, whilst I get rid of the unstable Degaussing-like effect, the display comes back with an exaggerated "pincushion", so my display resembles an hour-glass!! That I've only got rid of by switching the monitor on and off several times.

I noticed during the last time I rebooted, just after the POST sequence but before Windows booted, the monitor had some difficulty displaying the motherboard logo bitmap, it took it several attempts for the horizontal to be displlayed.

I've checked all the all suspects, graphics card, ventilation, monitor cable, magnetic fields around the monitor, but there's no improvement.

The monitor is 8 years old, a 17" Shinho AV2 SM765 model. The refresh rate is 75Hz @ 1024 x 768. The graphics card is a Radeon 7200 DDR

My system is 1Gb Pentium 3, QDI Advance motherboard 10F, 640Mb SDRAM, 5 x 80Gb Seagate Barracuda IV configured as RAID 1+0

  johnnyrocker 11:11 25 May 2004

you have whats known in the trade as a dry joint (maybe several) in the east west circuit of the monitor.


  Epocs 11:24 25 May 2004

Perhaps its time for a new monitor, you can get a 17inch one for around £55, click here . 8 years is a pretty good stretch for a monitor if it has been used regularly.

  lemon2 11:34 25 May 2004

Thanks Johnny

Is it worth repairing, or is it better to replace the monitor?

Whilst my soldering skills are up to speed, apart from a multimeter I don't have an occilloscope or any other monitor test equipment.

My current thoughts are to replace the monitor and then repair this one at my leisure.

  lemon2 11:36 25 May 2004

Thanks Epocs

I would say that I've seldom had it switched off in the 8 years I've have it, reboots and standby mode ( whilst I sleep) aside

  johnnyrocker 11:37 25 May 2004

the choice is yours but a scope is not needed, i find gentle tapping with a screw driver handle or such (non metallic of course;) will/should provoke the problem and will generally lead you to the area affected.


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