monitor discolouration

  Maryp 13:06 05 Dec 2004

I bought a new monitor a couple of months ago, a packard bell, and its been working fine. But yesterday when I switched it, on both the sides are a different colour. and its the same again this morning. I tried to degause it by switching it off as suggested in the manual, but it hasn't helped. Theres nothing near the monitor that hasn't benn near it all the time before and I checked all the wires are plugged in propoerly. Anything else you can suggest?

  Forum Editor 13:14 05 Dec 2004

checked that the lead between PC and monitor hasn't worked loose?

Does the fault stay the same, no matter what you do, and no matter how long the computer is left on? Have you checked to see that you can't eliminate the problem in the monitor's on-screen menu options?

When you say "both the sides are a different colour" what precisely do you mean - is there a coloured bar running down each side of the screen, or are the colours just different at the sides than in the middle, or what?

Assuming the connection is OK and the monitor settings are calibrated correctly the two most likely possibilities are:-

1. Faulty monitor.

2. Faulty graphics card.
and as the monitor is the newer of the two, I would tend to suspect that as the culprit.

  ashdav 15:41 05 Dec 2004

this effect can be caused by speakers being too close to the monitor. You'd be suprised the difference half an inch makes. But it sounds like the degaussing circuit isn't working. Take the monitor back to where you bought it from.

  Djohn 15:58 05 Dec 2004

You should be able to degauss your display from one of the options offered by using the buttons on the monitor itself. Enter the menu and have a look for the Icon for degauss. It is also correct that some monitors have an auto degauss every time you switch them on from the power switch on the monitor.

The degauss makes quite a pronounced sound when used though and the screen will shimmer for a second or two, so if its working you should be able to tell just by listening.

As above make sure there are no speakers close by or desktop lamps especially the ones with a transformer in the base. If this does not improve the display, then contact the supplier regarding a replacement monitor.

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