monitor dead

  jammin 11:21 28 Apr 2010

my monitor just stopped working this morning - power seems to have gone, wont switch on. Tried another monitor with cpu and its fine. Do you know of any tests I can do to find out if its totally gone and if it is - any recommedantions for new monitor c. 19 -22in. pc c 4 years old so dont need anything to fantastic,

  onthelimit 11:37 28 Apr 2010

If it's not a power supply problem (fuse, cable - I'm assuming you used the original lead with the replacement monitor), then I know of nothing else to try. 'New monitor' - steam driven or a TFT?

  onthelimit 11:39 28 Apr 2010

Don't know the company, but this refurbished one looks a good deal click here

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