Monitor cuts out intermittently.

  andrew6451 17:04 17 Aug 2012

I would appreciate any comments on a monitor problem. My Hanns G monitor, which has been very reliable for 4 years, now occassionly cuts out seconds after I switch it on. Green light remains on. If I switch it off and on again, it works fine. However now I have found on a couple of occassions it will only work for perhaps a second after I turn it off and again, and will repeat this however many times I switch it off and on. Both times I turned it off for an hour and then it was fine again. I am confident that it is not a Windows 7 problem as it will not even show the BIOS bootup. I have carefully checked connections and cable, all OK. Would I be right in thinking Graphics card is not active until Windows is running and therefore card not at fault, as on reboot nothing on screen at any time. I would replace monitor if necessary, or graphics card but I don't want to replace either unnecessarily. Testing with different monitor or card doesn't help as problem is so intermittent. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers. Regards Andrew

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:20 17 Aug 2012

Sounds like monitor

to prove

next time it does it unplug monitor cable and attach to second monitor without switch off PC or old monitor if still same on second monitor swap monitor cable.

if second monitor still shows no signal then fault is PC.

I have seen monitors power on for short periods (seconds) and then go blank but as yet have been unable to find a solution other than renew monitor.

  northumbria61 21:19 17 Aug 2012

And if you decide to go down the repair route (for Capacitor) see here enter link description here

  andrew6451 04:52 18 Aug 2012

Thanks to all for advice. I don't get a "no signal" message when screen blanks, which I take to mean the computer is fine but the screen has failed. It goes completely black although still shows "on" light. I took all the screws out of monitor cover but was unable to remove cover despite heroic efforts! I fear repairing monitor is beyond me. As a last throw of the dice I will replace DVI connecter with VGA (DVI was only cable I had when I got computer!) If that doesn't work I'll borrow a monitor and see if that works. If I have to replace monitor so be it. I got a good few years out of it. Thanks again for help. Andrew

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 18 Aug 2012

I'll borrow a monitor and see if that works

Connect to your flat screen TV with Vga cable.

  bumpkin 22:43 23 Aug 2012

Sounds like a dry joint on the monitor board or as others have said a capacitor, my advice is do not waste any more time on it. You can buy a 22" LED monitor/tv including internal digibox, remote etc. You can use it to switch from fully functional up to date TV to PC monitor with a few clicks. Normal monitor cable will fit. I bought one a few months back as a TV unaware that it would also be a monitor. Brilliant bit of kit, got it from Argos for only about £120. Make was Bush LED22982FHD. Repairing things is OK but when you consider the time involved and the cost of bits plus traveling and you end up with a still old monitor that has been repaired by a non expert.


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