monitor cut off!

  agent 47 19:12 20 Apr 2005

can anyone help,
my sons pc keeps cutting off the monitor into standby mode, i have tried a different monitor and that does the same.
for some unknown reason it just keeps shutting off the monitor,yet the pc is still switched on,
also when it shuts the monitor off,the pc seems
to be "frozen" and the keyboard lights wont come on. so i have to keep restarting the pc all the time.
he has win xp pro,1500 processor,256mb ram,80gig h,drive,radeon 9200 128mb.
agent 47!

  Carpigiani 19:18 20 Apr 2005

Sounds like a graphics card problem.
Have ypu tried new Radeon drivers?

  Joe R 19:32 20 Apr 2005

agent 47,

You could try, control panel-power options, and make sure the enable box in hibernation is unticked, also click on advanced and make sure the drop box says, "when I press the power button on my computer" Shut down.

Also on the main power options window, set the "turn off monitor" To never.

#Hope this helps.

  Dorsai 19:54 20 Apr 2005

There are many potential causes of a PC that freezes.

Hardware failure.

Software corruption.

Malware infection.


To list a few.

Try booting it into safe mode (tap on F8 during boot, then pick safe mode) and see if it still freezes. If it does not, that suggests (and I mean suggests) a possable driver problem.

If it still freezes, that does not mean it's not a driver problem, but does increase the possability of it being "not a driver problem"...

I would start by opening up the box, and carefully cleaing it of all dust/goo, taking sutable precautions re static (that will damage a PC) and mains electric (that can kill you) then leave the case open, and turn it back on. Make sure that all the fans are spinning, with out making loads of 'graunch-graunch" noises. If all the fans work, spin freely, and are dust free, together with the metal heatsinks the are over, that makes it less likely to be heat.

I assume you can't run the normal anti virus etc, as the PC wont work long enough for you to do so?

Over to the more experiance for other suggestions.

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