Monitor Connection - "Normal" or BNC?

  User-367759E1-9114-481F-B005EBD0DB666035 19:08 04 Jan 2003

Hi all, just posted to a thread in the other room (Consumerwatch, not the sitting room!) and was thinking, does anyone have any experience of using BNC connections for monitors rather than the standard "Plug" type? What are the advantages of one type over another? Not knowing a great deal about BNC and never before having a monitor with these connections (Mine has both) I wondered if there was any benifit?


  Djohn 19:36 04 Jan 2003

Found this little article, hope it helps. J.

BNC connector Last modified: Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Short for British Naval Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector or Bayonet Neill Concelman, a type of connector used with coaxial cables such as the RG-58 A/U cable used with the 10Base-2 Ethernet system. The basic BNC connector is a male type mounted at each end of a cable. This connector has a center pin connected to the center cable conductor and a metal tube connected to the outer cable shield. A rotating ring outside the tube locks the cable to any female connector.
BNC T-connectors (used with the 10Base-2 system) are female devices for connecting two cables to a network interface card (NIC). A BNC barrel connector allows connecting two cables together.

BNC connectors can also be used to connect some monitors, which increases the accuracy of the signals sent from the video adapter.

Thanks Djohn and good evening to you! Its just I need another monitor cable and wondered if it was worth "Giving up" mine and going BNC! May try it.....

  tigger2406 19:45 04 Jan 2003

So this is different to the DVI connection that I'm using for my monitor?? Yet another different method, I was under the impression it gave a higher quality signal to the monitor...

What i DO know is that BNC has been around for a lot longer than DVI and in any event, BNC will still be analogue not digital!

  DieSse 20:11 04 Jan 2003

I doubt if you've got BNC outputs on your graphics card, so there's no advantage in getting a special cable or an adapter.

BNCs are used with seperate cable for each colour, and were more for tranmission over longer distances. It's no great advantage anyway over fairly short VGA cables.

tigger2406 - DVI is a different matter altogether - DVI (Digital Video Interface) is for TFT monitors, which work internally in digital anyway. It saves having two redundant analogue/digital conversions (one in the graphics card, one in the monitor) - and so really does improve signal quality (whether this give a better picture is down to other factors.

From what I can gather, the BNC cable starts off as a "Normal" adaptor to the graphics card and then seperates into the five colour cables at the monitor end. click here

  woodchip 22:08 04 Jan 2003

BNC is better for graphics work, My Hansol 700p as it and am using it. Got cable from Maplin's

  DieSse 22:40 04 Jan 2003

Exactly what I was trying to say - I can see no advantage, as it's really just a VGA cable separated out at one end - not a proper full length, always separate RGB set of cables.

  DieSse 22:52 04 Jan 2003

In the past (and I do have a past in high end graphics terminals - amongst other things!!) - professional graphics users always had graphics terminals (like a computer, but just handling the graphics display, and connected to a mainframe). These would have fully seperated colour and sync signals all the way from the terminal controller to the display (which was often somewaht further then is normal today.)

VGA cards just don't do this - the BNC adapter cables are really just so that you can use a monitor which has BNC but no VGA socket (or vice versa - to use a card that does have BNC on a standard VGA monitor.

You would see no difference, nor do I think there would be any difference, over standard VGA cable lengths - and if the cable was only split out at one end, this would negate any potential advantage anyway. If you wanted a longer cable, then it may be better than a cheap VGA cable, if it was split out near the VGA connector - but properly shielded VGA cables are also readily available for slightly longer needs.

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