Monitor Colour

  swanny2 21:33 20 Dec 2005

hi there im running win/me
Prob is that on me sons monitor the colour red is very dark near black .yet when i connect his pc up too my monitor its ok.i thought agh well the monitor is going ,but this has happened b4 then it went ok, its done it again,but not sure what i did b4.
any 1 any help please.
Swanny :O)

  Diodorus Siculus 08:40 21 Dec 2005

A reinstall of the graphics card drivers should sort it out.

  Diemmess 10:30 21 Dec 2005

Just to confirm things, have you tried connecting his monitor to your PC?

  swanny2 20:16 21 Dec 2005

yes mate an it was ok . im on windows me where do i need go too update. i think the card in this is nvidia vanta 95/08/me card.
Swanny. :O)

  swanny2 20:36 21 Dec 2005

ive managed too download the ibd nvidia vanta 95/98/me drivers but the RED COLOR isvery dark near black .evry thin else seems ok .

  DieSse 00:10 22 Dec 2005

It'll be a monitor fault - try slapping it with the flat of your hand, on the sides and the top and the back - fairly firmly - and see if the red comes back - if it does, it's an internal fault in the monitor.

This type of problem is very commen as CRT monitors get older.

  wee eddie 19:03 22 Dec 2005

We have!

"DieSse's Rubber Hammer".

You're probably right. One of the guns could be failing.

  swanny2 19:58 22 Dec 2005

ive try banging it lol nearly went in the bin.. But its still the same.

Swanny :O)

  jack 22:10 22 Dec 2005

Monitor dark on your machine but OK on sons Right?
How about the other way -try the sons monitor on your machine - what then?
If the red is dark then it suggest the graphics card problem.
You could try setting up the monitor/graphics again.
Get the latest drivers for the card in,
Calibrate the monitor via the Adobe device

  swanny2 16:36 23 Dec 2005

ye mate ive downloaded the drivers for his pc, but its jst the same on both..

cheers .
Swanny . :O)

  Methedrine 14:00 27 Dec 2005

DieSse wrote...
"try slapping it with the flat of your hand"

That would have been my advice as well. I am a very firm believer in "Percussive Maintenance".

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