Monitor cleaning + dead pixel question.

  Zerogravity 20:18 26 May 2009

I would like to know the best way to clean a TFT screen (I have a SM226 BW)without doing too much damage to it.
So far I only dusted it but I did notice some "splash" on it, like coffee splashes etc...
Nothing bad, but I always wanted to know the best way to clean a TFT monitor as I did notice that almost anything that touches it leaves a mark.
I did notice tonight, on the black screen, a red dot somewhere on the screen, it was flashing a bit. Was that a dead pixel? I did "massage" the area to try and start it off again, and I think I did manage to get rid of it.

  MAT ALAN 20:26 26 May 2009

I use some moist tissue works well for me...

As for red pixels, any pixel that is coloured is not dead and by using a cotton bud can actually stimulate them back to life, if they are white they are considered beyond recovery...

  Zerogravity 22:33 26 May 2009

Thanks for the tip about the pixels. It was red and I brought it back to life with my finger (not ideal as it can leave a mark on the screen).
I've never dared trying to clean the monitor with anything moist as I thought water would damage the screen, but will try your method.
Thank you for your help.


  gazzaho 08:29 27 May 2009

I use Isopropyl Alcohol on a soft lint free cloth to clean my LCD TV and monitor, it's used to clean lenses and optics, it was also used as cleaning solution in the old audio cassette head cleaners. You can buy it from a chemist for around £5 for a 500ml bottle. Boots don't stock it any more so you might have to try a smaller independent chemist.

  Zerogravity 10:03 27 May 2009

Thanks gazzaho, will look into it.

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