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  Stridor 10:34 17 Jan 2003
  Stridor 10:34 17 Jan 2003

Can anyone help?

I've bust the 15 pin connector on the end of my monitor so I can't get any kind of picture through it.

Unfortunately, it's a really old monitor and has a cable much like a TV cable which connects via the 15 pin thingy directly into the internals of the monitor.

I took the whole thing out, hoping that I could get a replacement, and took it to Maplins who said they didn't have a replacement. The guy suggested putting a new 15 pin connector on the end to fix it.

I tried this but seem to be making a real mess of fixing in all those tiny wires.

Can anyone suggest somewhere where I can buy a whole cable with the internal connection to the monitor, or if anyone has other suggestions it would be appreciated.

I cna't keep circumcising the cables!!!

  DieSse 10:42 17 Jan 2003

WARNING - it is not recommended to poke about inside monitors unless you have the appropriate experience. There are some fearsome and LETHAL voltages around, even when unplugged.

The problem is that the internal connections in monitors have many, many, different forms.

The only way you will get any knid of cable with the "computer end" already fitted, is to get a monitor extension cable. These are fairly widely available.

Then you have two choices - cut one end of, and try to solder directly into the monitor (if it's a solder connection) - or do a cable jointing kludge (you can hide it inside the monitor), but beware that the colour code may not be the same on the two cables.

You may find a TV repairman who could do this for you - they have a better range of tools.

  Elrond 11:33 17 Jan 2003

Ditto DieSse. Monitors are very dangerous. Do not touch the insides again. Get a professional

  Stridor 17:49 17 Jan 2003

Cheers...Didn't realise I could kill myself!!

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